Ways to invest Quality Time together with our Kids

We have to invest time in order to build intense association, relationship and rapport with our children.  Relationships with our children are not built instantly. Quality moments occur when we seek and spend precious time with our kids adapting to their interests and needs. We should start early and don't give up even when it will become progressively tough or complicated. With Guide to Career Education you can get your degree in early childhood development. Usually, adolescents and teens find it hard to exhibit their own appreciation, but most of the time; they don't ignore nor forget the unique occasions, specifically the actual one-on-one instances and time that you simply spent with them.

Allow me to share you the ways on how to get top quality moments with kids based on my personal experience. 
  • Try to plan a weekend for the whole family, go for a picnic or go see a film or any other routines that may provide an exciting activity for the whole family. 
  • Encourage your kid to do jobs with each other like preparing or cooking food, which is my youngest son’s interest. I see it as good quality precious time.
  • It is essential to bear in mind that despite the fact that each of our children are getting close to maturity, they will nevertheless need parental participation.  Opening the channels of communication is the best way for them not to be shy to discuss anything under the sun with you. In our family, we practice the no-holds barred, there is freedom of speech.  We listen and let our children speak out their minds. We do not interrupt when they speak, so they can freely express themselves without fear.
  • Make dinner an enjoyable family time to talk over what transpired during the day. In this way, we can also monitor our children’s daily activities. Keep the conversation light; avoid arguing with them in front of the meal.
  • Do the morning exercise together with your kids, brisk walk or jog with them, encourage them for a talk. Talking about the day’s activity schedule can open up the dialogue.
  • Tutoring or helping them with their homeworks after school will also give you and your youngsters a chance to talk more about their class standing and how do they get well with their friends and classmates.
  • Open conversations about their crushes at school or a recent girlfriend, explain in a careful manner the do’s and don’ts, learn how to reach out to their emotional side without getting them upset. 
  • Plan a family getaway once in awhile, an out of town vacation or adventure that will create more family bonding.
  • Discuss about their favorite music and movies. Though sometimes we are not interested in their choice of music but take time out to know why in particular they like it.
  • Accompany them in buying their clothes or do the shopping together, and then go for a snack to chat.
  • Make sure that you see them before they sleep at night, praying together then followed with a small talk and a goodnight kiss. 
  • Play board games or online games with them once in a while.

In my opinion, quality time can be spent in numerous ways, communication and understanding is the key. Just as long as you and your kid talk and enjoy doing something together, that is already quality time.  Spending precious moments with our kids be it hours or just minutes does not matter, instilling and teaching them values will at the same time train them in the way they should, and when they grow old, they will not depart from it.

Just always remember that there’s no place like home and home is where the heart is.


  1. I'll say amen to everything you enumerated. :D

  2. agree! we really have to give kids a lot of quality time :)

  3. sure is!! we alway6s play tennis ervyday and swim at night!!! love this posts! xx

  4. Investing time to your family is a very important thing you need to secure. One should have alloted special time to your love ones to make unbreakable bonds :) 

  5. I wish I could do all the activities you've enumerated above. I do some of them but maybe if I am a stay at home mom, I can accomplish them all :-D


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