Teaching Kid’s Hygiene

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“People will make judgments before you even speak based on the way you look. Most definitely your physical appearance matters. The way you dress, your hygiene - it all matters”. – This is one of the best quotes from Jonathan Adler that I best agree.

Being the light of the house, we mothers are the ones responsible in honing our children to good manners and right conduct. Coaching our little ones of the proper behavior is very much important to develop a pleasing personality, likewise training them with the right and proper hygiene counts a lot in their growth.  

When is the right time to start teaching our kids their personal hygiene? Well, in my opinion and through experience, the earlier the better.  At age 1, I already began informing my two sons the significance of washing their hands before eating and brushing their teeth.

As my children grow older I continuously instill the knowledge and polish them of the effects brought by maintaining cleanliness and sanitation. Allow me to give you a list of the basic personal hygiene a child must learn.
  • Hand washing specially before eating
  • Proper brushing of teeth
  • Use of own face towel and bath towel
  • Wearing of clean clothes and underwear
  • Daily bath
  • Use of own comb and face powder – for school boys and girls
  • Regular nail trimming
  • Cleaning of ears – we should assist them in cleaning their ears until such time they know how to clean it by themselves without injuring their ears.
  • During the puberty stage – explain to them the need of using an underarm deodorant, as hormonal changes takes place during this stage.
  • Appropriate cleanliness for girls during the first onset of menstruation should also be exercised.
  • Habitual cleaning of school shoes before wearing them

We just have to be patient in directing them and constantly remind them the benefits of a healthful living.


  1. good thing pala that I am starting to teach my son how to brush his teeth and comb his hair as early as 1 yr old...as i first time mom, i hope I'll be good in honing my child to good manners and healthy living.

  2. The list should be follow to avoid getting sick easily. Very useful info.


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