Ways to review during exams

Third Quarter examinations is usually held before the Christmas break in my youngest kid’s school.  This year, it was scheduled on December 14, 15 and 16. December 17 will be their Christmas party. In this way, pupils and students will get to enjoy the Christmas break.

Are you also hands-on in tutoring your kids? Daily school homeworks and weekly quizzes may come easy with our kids but what about quarterly tests? Reviews during quarterly examinations really need time and effort because the lesson scopes usually are long and that they will be reviewing for 10 subjects in the elementary level.  Math, Computer, Science, Civics (Sibika), EPP/HELE (Home Economics and Livelihood Education), MAPE (Music, Arts and PE), Reading, Language, Filipino and CLE/GMRC (Christian Living and Good manners and Right Conduct)

I did not have a hard time with quarterly reviews with my eldest son during his school days, but with my youngest son, well he always has plenty of alibis in order to skip his reviews.  So, I keep on changing strategies to allure him to study.  As I already mentioned in one of my previous posts, my youngest son is dealing with ADHD, he does not want repetition, has tantrums, forgetful and is easily distracted. Can you imagine how much patience do I need to handle him? It is not easy I tell you. Yahmir is an intelligent kid but he tends to forget and be careless.

Here are the ways on how I review him during quarterly exams

  • I taught him to make a habit of highlighting the important words, phrases or sentences in his books in every lesson.  It will be much easier for him to review once all important part of the lessons in the book are stressed with a textliner.
  • I ask him to bring home his quiz notebooks a week before the exams, to look back on his quizzes, usually, some of what is given in the quizzes will also be included in the quarterly exams so as with seatworks, homeworks and lectures in the notebook.
  • I give him a timetable to study; I see to it that the weekend before the exams, he would start on studying the subjects that needs memorization like Civics and Science. I let him start reviewing one week ahead to avoid cramming.
  • The weekend before the examination week, is the time for me to sit down beside him and ask questions based on the pointers to review given by their subject teachers. I give emphasis on the lessons where he does not fully understand, explain and site examples based also on what I’ve read in his books and lectures. I also see to it that he spells the answers correctly.

So far, he is doing well. As he is already on the sixth grade, I am teaching him how to study on his own. I am happy that he is already getting used to it. 


  1. Gosh, ang hirap siguro lalo na pag may ADHD. E yung anak ko nga mabait na pero na hahighblood pa rin ako ng sobra sobra as in! Mahirap talagang maging nanay, sis. Buti ka pa malalaki na rin mga anak mo, ako pasimula pa lang mag school. waa!

    Mommy Diary

  2. you really need a mountain of patience pag meron adhd ang anak, but he is much controlled now unlike before, hay pasalamat ako, isa na lang din nag-aaral ko sa laki ng matrikula ngayon 

  3. You're right in your own way of getting your son learned his lessons and be ready for the exams. Things-to-do list is very beneficial. It makes one's work easy, handy and organized. Keep it up, Joy.

  4. Your tips are so helpful Mommy Joy! Thanks much. Exams are coming up too at my son's school and it's crunch time for us both in studying! Matindi pa nga dahil may Chinese subject pa kami, aray!

  5.  study habit is really important and the mothers continues guidance and support. for my eldset ,i kmake sure he study all the lessons everyday after school  after dinner .he has a study room to do all his school stuff, watch tv befere going to bed at 8 pm. weekend is his internet and kindle time.

  6. very helpful tips here most especially the things-to-do list!  thank you very much!

  7. kudos to all hands-on mom. i can apply these tips next school year.

  8. use of mnemonics is helpful, too :)

  9. In college, whenever I am intensely studying a topic, I also do the highlight thing. However, in my econ class, I end up highlighting the whole page! lol


    Much support, Christia


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    from Christia's

  10. When I was young, I am a lazy school boy. My mom used to do this pero tamad talaga ako. Hahaha. Being a mom needs a lot of patience to grow her kids on a right path, and with your tips, talagang makakatulong to. It shows also na you're such a good mom. :)

  11. I think it is important also to give your child at least a few hours to breath and play and not just to study the whole time. And of course lay down certain rules and impose discipline at home. Ex: He cannot use the computer (to play) if he will not finish his homework/review. =)

  12. Our kids have almost the same exam dates (mine Dec13, 14, 15). The most effective way of reviewing my kids is by just doing the review as if it is a usual conversion. Yung para bang nagkukuwentuhan lang kami but discussing already the topics for exam.

  13. Your son is also intelligent as his older brother, as for my son he can't study alone and sometimes I am transforming into a nagging woman.

  14. I always listen to the suggestion of one of the best teachers I've ever had. "Study smart, never study hard". Also, sleep before the test, because all-nighters never work. haha. Some tips I ought to share. 

  15. thank you for sharing this.. will save this link for future use.. =)

  16. Cool! Tell him to take notes too. Written reminders always lingers.

  17. Could it be that I have ADHD half the time? I hate repetition (easily bored), forgetful and sometimes distracted (kaya kailangan mag-multitasking!) although i do not throw tantrums naman. :P

    Way to go on your handling! Tyaga talaga kailangan jan.

    c5 @ http://balagtasantayo.info

  18. i guess the study strategies all depends from our learning styles. I am a visual learner so outlines are very helpful. In fact, I can even picture in my mind the exact places where the topic or phrase are located during the exams. 

    I am also a body kinesthetic learner, when it's me myself who'll be doing the outline because I'll not only be remembering such visually but also the strokes on how I wrote it.

    Yeah honestly those really work. Try to let your kid find out his/her learning style. There are dozens of exams found in the internet for free.

  19. I was a crammer back in school, advocate of the movement stock knowledge. :D It's a good thing that my kids have a different school system, kasi if like ours for sure, palakol ang grades lol. Keep it up mommy, I salute you for spending time teaching your kids well!

  20. Such an informative blog. Studs ought to read it! 


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