10 Tips for Setting Up a Study Area for Your Child

Providing your child with an adequate place to study can help him complete his school work in an efficient manner. When your child has everything he needs to get his work done, he will feel more organized and be able to finish it in less time, giving your child more time to have fun.

1. Get Everything Together

Assemble all of the tools your child needs to complete his homework assignments. In most cases, you will need paper, pencils, a ruler, scissors and a pack of crayons. If your child runs into other items he needs, keep those in the same place for the future.

2. Choose A Well Lit Spot

A place close to a window is best, but directly under a light can work as well. Being able to see clearly is important for completing homework assignments. This also reduces the strain on his eyes, which can help prevent damage to his eyes.

3. See What Your Kid Thinks

You want your child to be comfortable while he does his homework. Therefore, his input on the matter is important. Let him pick the area within reason and allow him to help get everything set up. Children often like to help. If he helps you set up the area, he will feel proud of it and will want to work there.

4. Reduce The Distractions

Keep the study area away from busy areas of the home where other members of the household are doing other tasks. It is especially important to keep a study area away from the television. If you can't avoid being near the television, make sure it stays off while your child is working. If your child has a cell phone or video game system, keep them away from the study area. Distractions can prevent your child from completing his homework and doing it well.

5. Keep The Area Neat And Organized

Avoid allowing clutter, such as old papers, to pile up in the area and make it difficult to find a place to do his work. Install a corkboard in the area so you can pin important papers up to keep them out of the way, yet visible. Clean the area on a regular basis to remove anything that is no longer needed.

6. Let Your Child Use A Computer

Provide your child with access to a computer. With advances in technology, many students must use a computer to complete their homework. If you have a laptop in your home, keep it in the homework area so your child can use it. If you have a desktop, create the study area close by, if possible.

7. Give Plenty Of Space

Your child will often need to spread out a textbook and a notebook to work with. However, if he must also use a computer, he will need even more space. Set up the work area where your child will have plenty of space to spread out everything he needs to more efficiently complete his work.

8. Work Together

If you have more than one child or you work from your home, set up the homework area where more than one person can work together. It can help your child to know that he isn't the only one who has work to do. If you can make time to sit with him, he will appreciate that you are close by to help if needed.

9. Use A Permanent Location

Having a set place for your child to complete his homework will help him focus on his homework. If you don't have the room for a permanent set-up, choose a spot where it is easy to place the items and clean them up afterward.

10. Get Into A Routine

Pick a time for homework, such as right after school or after dinner. When your child knows what time to do his homework, it will make the routine go smoothly. Having a set time also helps you ensure everything is ready at the right time.

Setting up a good place for your child to do homework and study can help ensure his success at school. When your child has everything he needs with no distractions, he will be able to complete his school work quickly and get it done well to succeed in school.

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  1. Oh this is cool sis!! My kids room is all in one na :)) sleeping area, study area, playing area :)) ehheheh

  2. Great tips! We're planning to homeschool our son next year. These tips are very helpful. Thanks! Merry Christmas!

  3. this post reminds me of my elementary and high school days..we have had a mini library in our old house where we study and where my dad displayed his old law school books.. :D

    it was really a very great idea for my mom of having that such mini library at home.. :D

  4. all in one area, that's cool too :)

  5. hello Sebs :) Merry Christmas! I am glad it could be of help :)

  6. same here, in my late grandpa' s ancestral house, he also had a library full of books, very comfortable, that is my favorite part of the house when we come to visit him before, i dream of having a library of my own too :)


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