Learn how to say No!

I keep on telling my children that is not hard to say No. Do not ever think that you are being rude and bad when you reject.  Do not get worried of hurting other person’s feelings because you think you are being inconsiderate. A straight forward answer in a friendly tone or manner will refrain them from getting offended. Well, in my point of view, we just cannot always say yes and accept all invitations offered or tasks given to us for we do not have to please people all the time.  

We also have to think of our calendar, time and priorities. We all have busy schedules and plans on a daily basis.  If you are free and it will not conflict your time plan, or you can do it on time then go ahead say Yes.

Never be afraid to deny a favor asked of you, if you think you cannot do it. Immediately decline an invitation if you are uncomfortable or just not in the mood to attend.

Set aside the fear of losing your friends and opportunities.  If you are being invited do not forget to say thank you then conclude it with I am sorry I am going to have to pass or I’m sorry I cannot accept it.  You do not have to explain why and don’t feel obligated to tell your reasons.

We usually say no when we have a lot of things to get done. When you say no, be firm, make sure you really had made up your mind and will not change it.

Learning how to say no helps reduce stress levels and gives you time for what’s really important. It will also help in building skills of wise decision in personality development.


  1. yes it is so true Ms.Joy..it is really hard sometimes to say No because you have fears of hurting someone but usually this times are when we get ourselves more into trouble..every person must learn to accept every decision that a person makes..if he doesn't recognize and respect your decision then it is selfishness.. 

  2. This is usually my problem, that is why when I'm outside--like at the mall, instead of saying no to sales reps (who might also be undercover syndicates) I just don't look at them and pretend to ignore them. I head straight to wherever I am going to.

  3. Yeah. I agree with what you said. We can be assertive when we know we can't deal with one thing given to us.  But we have to say it in a respectful manner. :)

  4. I definitely agree. As a matter of fact, I also made a similar post in my blog: http://www.careermomonline.com/2011/10/budget-101-learn-to-say-no.html.

  5. I have to admit that I have a problem saying no.  I'm always afraid of how the recipient might take it.  Thanks for the insight.  It's definitely something I should practice and eventually pass on to my kid.

  6. correct! we cannot please everyone, if ever someone do not understand and gets mad why you said no, i just don't mind them hehe

  7. in my opinion, you were just doing it right Santelmo, these agents in the malls will get a lot of your time once you entertain them ahihi

  8. i read it also sis and left a comment :)

  9. i learned it from my Mom and I pass it on to my kids :)


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