Cleaning 101: The Windows

It is recommended to best work on windows on a cloudy day in early mornings or late afternoon as direct sun makes window cleaner dry too quickly leaving streaks behind.

Just pull back the blinds or curtains, open the windows and inspect its sill, frames, and tracks for dirt and cobwebs.

Sweep out debris using a big paint brush or a small sweeper

Run a vacuum over the screens so you don’t need to take them down. Using a sprayer, spray glass cleaner or a solution of your favorite cleaning agent until it is heavily misted but not drippy.  Wipe with a lint-free cloth until dry.  I use old cotton shirts to wipe it dry as it best absorbs dirt.

Windows of different types need different styles of cleaning.  For jalousie windows, clean each frame with the use of a damp micro fiber cloth washed every now and then from a basin with a cleaning solution.  For big window frames, spray it with glass cleaner then use a squeegee to dry.

Simple procedures, with quick and easy methods. By the way, I clean our windows every two weeks


  1. yes Ms.Joy and it's true I have separate cloth to clean different type of windows..and I use a bench because I'm not that tall hahaha..wala lang Ms.Joy just making you smile..magandang umaga po :)

  2. as always...I learn lots of home tips which is truly do-able...thanks sis joy....

  3. Great tips! Pabasa ko 'to sa househelp ko LOL!

  4. i just change my outfit when i clean our windows, from wearing shorts (my fave house outfit) to wearing pants, or else my neighbors will feast on looking at my sexy legs ahaha 

  5. you are welcome dear :)

  6. go sis, meron ako naka-print out nyan nakadikit sa wall ng dirty kitchen namin for my househelp to read and not to forget too lol

  7. Instead of vacuuming, we also clean the screens by unscrewing them, then scrub it with soap and water to remove the dirt/dust build-up.

    For the glass windows, we use crumpled newspaper to clean it after washing, according to my grandma, it makes the glass and mirror extra shiny and free from stains and other marks such as finger prints. But somehow, it leaves fibers from the newspaper ^_^ lol


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