ELD Posture Correction Cushion and Travel Bags

The proper sitting posture helps to enhance concentration, especially to students, office workers and bloggers like me who hardly leaves the chair for long hours. 

A correct sitting posture is to sit with your back straight and your hips touching the back of the chair.  Keep your neck inline with the upper back.

At the end of the day, my husband and I always complain of lower back pain due to long hours of sitting.  My husband’s lower back pain is due to long distance driving while in my case, I am seated almost all day in front of my laptop to work on my articles for my blogs.  I have been buying the sitting and back rest cushions for years now but they are not helping in any way.  They easily wore out and not comfortable to use. I became interested again in buying a new sitting and back rest cushions upon seeing this Memory Foam Cushions of  Eld Posture Correction Cushions.

I am aware that poor posture may become a major cause of disk and spine diseases, so I am glad that Eld Posture Correction Cushions came up with these products that will help us in recovering our good health once again.  Eld Posture correction cushion is one technology that will aid in keeping an individual physically healthy. 

The sitting cushion provides health and beauty by keeping hip-line and legs attractive.  While the backrest cushion increases comfortability by maintaining the stable posture that decreases the pressure the back has to undertake while sitting on the chair.

These cushions are made to last for a long time.  It has an outstanding restoring force and cushion, as it is made of high elasticity polyurethane memory foam.  It also has an excellent air-permeation of Air-mesh fabric.

Finally, I have found the right product to end our daily back pains and sufferings.  It is about time to say goodbye to our back pains.

Furthermore, it is not only the cushions that I get interested to buy, I also like their sleek and stylish travel bags.  Their luggage bag models will definitely fit your type of personality for there are an array of bag models to choose from.  Eld travel bags are great companions for your short or long trips.

ELD Living goods is a specialized manufacturer that develops products that are suited to various types of travels. The company also develops and support new growth engines such as leisure and cushions goods in addition to living goods.  Their major brands, domestically launched are EDDAS and ETHOS, which are sophisticated and personalized goods. Based on their accumulated technology and know-how, they have acquired the ISO-9001, ISO-14001 quality management certification, a first in the travel bag business.

Here is the Contact Information for your querries and subscription.
Contact person : David Park
Email : eldkorea@gmail.com / eldkorea@naver.com 
Phone :  +82-31-907-5526 
Fax :     +82-31-907-5527
Website : www.eldkorea.co.kr / www.eddas.co.kr

You may also visit them in the following social media network.
ELD FACEBOOK PROFILE:  http://www.facebook.com/ELDKOREA
ELD YOUTUBE CHANNEL:  http://www.youtube.com/user/ELDKOREA
ELD TWITTER: http://twitter.com/ELDKOREA


  1. everyone should have this...thanks for the post

  2. we need it to protect our backs hihi

  3. It's good that we have this kind of cushion.I like the color of their luggage.

  4. This isn't good for me. I'll lose my excuse to get a massage. LOL....

  5. I've heard of this. i guess i need this also. Pampawala ng sakit ng ulo ahahahha.. 

  6. This is ideal for me, as I have scoliosis, and my back tends to hurt from too much sitting.  I could use one of those for driving too.

  7. we do really need this!

  8. Ms.Joy thank you for giving me an idea..a gift for someone..cguro I can find it naman sa mall...

    magandang umaga po Ms Joy :)

  9. noi will get the cushions :)

  10. we need it talaga, para mas ganahan magtiklado sa keyboard ahaha

  11. oh! sad to hear bout your scoliosis, i think this will be of big help :)

  12. Hi Sie :), good afternoon! hihi ngayon pa lang ako nakapag check ng comments hihi

  13. Ohhh! I need this, especially that I'm in front of the computer almost the whole day every day. 

    Glenn Ong of GLICH'S LIFEwww.glennong.com


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