Cleaning 101: The Bathroom

How often do you clean your Bathroom/Comfort room?  Based on hygienic purposes, it is best recommended to clean it daily.  It is the part of the house where bacteria and germs accumulates fast.

I personally clean our bathroom on a daily basis, cleaning it before I take a bath. It may seem so tiring to do it everyday but I was used to it.  I want my bathroom and kitchen to be the cleanest part of the house and this is how I clean it: 

  • Remove the shower curtain first, wash, then hang to dry. I get tired of cleaning it everyday so I removed it and just put it on again if we have visitors to come over (lol).
  • Open windows and the door, then slip on rubber gloves before you grab your favorite tile spray cleaner or in my case I use a mixture of detergent soap and Domex cleaning agent (bleach can be an alternative) in a small pail.
  • Other cleaning materials I use are:  big scrubber sponge, cleaning brush, toilet brush, a microfiber cloth and floor mop.

  • I start with the hard to reach tiles, using a mop dipped in the soap and cleaning agent mixture.
  • Next is the tile scrubbing. Exert more scrubbing on the corners of the tiles, better to use the cleaning brush for corners, then flush/rinse it out with water.
  • Then, clean the lavatory using scrubber sponge with the cleaning mixture.
  • The toilet bowl, flush first then squirt a deep toilet cleaner in the bowl and under the rim.  Let it sit for a few minutes.  Then brush the bowl and rim using a toilet brush. Adding more cleanser if needed.
  • Brush the toilet floor, rinse thoroughly with water then dry it using a mop or a microfiber cloth.
  • Lastly, wipe toilet mirrors, mini cabinet where it holds the family toothbrush, shaver, mouthwash etc.  Do not forget to wash the toothbrushes too then pour hot water on the bristles.

Water stains on the tiles can be removed by spraying a solution of equal parts of white vinegar and water.  Anyway it will not build up if you regularly clean the tiles.

Drains, even not completely clogged should be cleared of hair once a month.  If you do not have a pipe de-clogger, untwist a wire hanger and slide one end inside the drain to poke down or pull up any clumps of hair, then pour muriatic acid into the drain to dissolve soap coating the pipes.


  1. I recommend  mr.muscle as alternative for cleaning. 

  2. you CR is sooo neat! ^_^ ours are very cluttered and always gets messy due to our dogs and cats...^_^

  3. hello Ms.Joy..I laughed at the first one..we are the same hahaha..I only changed it pag may bisita hehehe..I am with my 2 kids so I am tired and I do everything..actually Ms.Joy not only everyday but cguro me 3x a day because my 6yr.old and 3yr.old hay urinate sometimes there are tiny spots on the tiles and I don't like smelly toilet bowls you I like my bathroom and kitchen to be the cleanest part of our house and our bed because I love to sleep hahaha..

    gudnyt ms.Joy 10 p.m. na po mwahhhh :)


  4. Wow Mommy Joy, napaka-sipag mo naman! I wish I have the same time and opportunity to attend to my household chores regularly. I clean the bathroom twice a month kasi 3 lng naman kaming gumagamit and thankfully, my family is not very messy naman. I also use the big sponge and bathroom brush to scrub the wall tiles and the bath tub. Kaso, I have to use earth-friendly bathroom cleaning solutions sold hear kasi sensitive ako dun sa mga fumes ng commercial bathroom cleaning agents eh.

    Kudos to you Mommy Joy!

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  5. I clean the bathroom once a week. I have no time to clean it everyday because of the other chores and all. But as you can do it everyday before taking a bath maybe I should do the same. To make cleaning easier. Thanks for the tips. And thanks for sharing.

  6. I agree with you, cleaning a little everyday helps keep the bathroom neat and clean. We clean it once a week but when I use the bathroom and I see clutter or dirt or whatnot, I clean it immediately. Can't stand clutter  :)

  7. i seldom use it, expensive eh hehe

  8. when i clean it already, parang ayaw ko na pagamit ahaha

  9. there's a need for me to clean it everyday, puro boys ang kasama ko waaa. same here i don't like smelly cr, parang public toilet lol

  10. Nasanay na ako Mommy Cecille, yan kasi ang upbringing sa amin ng Mom ko, linis ng linis ng bahay ahaha. 

    Thank you very much for nominating me in the Most Influential Blog Writing Project, I sincerely appreciate it :)

  11. I like seeing my kitchen and cr clean always :) Thanks for visiting :)

  12. it will not be hard to clean it if done in a daily basis :) Much welcome! keep coming back :)

  13. house chores are really very tiring, routinary pa, but once you get used to doing it, saglit lang yan :)


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