Child-Proof Your Home

If you’re having a baby or a toddler, it is best recommended to child-proof your homes to keep them always safe and away from unwanted accidents.

The smallest person in the house can occupy the most space and can create the most chaotic mess, lol.  So in order for us and our child’s toys live happily ever after, we have to think of an organized clean up strategy.

These tips will help make your clean-ups easier and faster

  • Position the crib away from the window.
  • Pull electrical cords away from the crib
  • Install window guards, window grills are very important, especially if the bedroom is at the second floor of your house.
  • Place edge or corner guards/bumpers for tables or chairs. Before, I used the easy stick on rubberized end or corner guards.
  • Re-position your make-up kit, perfumes etc. on a higher shelf of your dresser
  • Use a large bin or plastic container for his frequently played toys
  •  Use floor rubber mats to areas where your kid play most of the time

Bathroom/Comfort Room
  • Install safety locks on low cabinet doors
  • Keep toxic products (like cleansers or decloggers) on a high shelf or in a cabinet locked.
  • Medicine cabinets should also be installed with a lock
  • Keep bathroom  floors dry to prevent the incident of slipping

  • Buy or do it yourself protective appliance knob covers, especially for stoves.
  • Attach a safety lock on any drawer that contains knives, scissors or any sharp utensils
  • Place anti-slip rubber mats near sinks.
  •  Unplug Microwave Ovens, Automatic Thermos, and other Kitchen appliances when not in use

Living Room
  • Cover unused electrical outlets
  • Place corner and edge bumpers on tables and low shelves
  • Use doorstops
  • Secure the appliance cords 


  1. nice... will consider that

  2. Before I had my children and my husband and I were still living in NYC all our freinds who had children hired baby proofers to come and baby proof thier apartments and homes. Now that I have had three children I can safely say that the common sense tips you offer here are pretty much what you need. Plus, I would add, if you can think it, they can do it, ie, "The baby would never use that chair to reach that shelf"!!! It is amazing how creative a child can be!! Thanks  for the tips! I found you on VoiceBoks and am now a new follower!

  3. Excellent article on child proofing. Enjoyed reading your other blog posts as well. New follower from VB.


  4. Don't you wish someone had given you this advice? Love it! New follower.

  5. Great tips Joy!

    I'm a new follower from Voiceboks


  6. It's like you read my mind. I just said to hubby we need to start baby proofing now because our baby is getting more mobile everyday.

  7. your post is timely. thanks, Joy! i'm currently searching for tips on child-proofing. my  8 month old son fell from the bed yesterday. my solution would be taking out the bed frame, sa lapag na lang mahihiga saka tatadtarin ko ng rubber mat ang play area nya... susme nakapalikot na bata naman kasi 

  8. we did that too, or else puro bukol pag nahulog sa bed hihi

  9. hope my post will be of help :)

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  12. Thank you very much Dayna :)

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