A Trip to RS Aviary

Yahmir was very excited upon knowing that we will be on an Aviary Trip, sad to say that JM cannot come with us because of his job, we can no longer re-schedule the tour for it was also a business trip at the same time.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011, we left the house at 8:30 in the morning bound to Barangay Malino Angeles City, Pampanga.  We had a long journey.  Thankfully, our travel went on smoothly.

Yahmir brought along his PSP and Nintendo DS, in order not to get bored in the long travel.  Anyway, he doesn’t get bored, he kept on singing on the whole journey (lol).  We enjoyed viewing the green scenery while we passed by the NLEX (Northern Luzon Expressway). 

Finally, when we reached our destination, Yahmir’s spirit got much higher.  He is so amused, I saw him smiled beautifully when he heard the sounds of the birds.  He can’t wait to see them all

The place is very big, composed of the RS Aviary and on the other side is the commercial piggery.  It is simple yet beautifully landscaped.

The owner, Mr Robert So gave me lots of information about the birds.  He allowed me to take pictures of them, but definitely I do not use the camera flash for I know it will disturb the birds and might get them stressed out.  It’s a good thing that the daylight is bright so a flash is not needed.

I also take down notes, I do not want to miss any of his informative lectures.  Yahmir and my husband were also listening intently. The bird farm consists of breeding and hatchery sections. Well, to have an aviary is no joke, you really have to invest a large sum of money for the bird licence, and maintainance.  You also need to have patience and enthusiasm to keep this as a hobby.

This Myna bird caught Yahmir’s attention, it keeps on talking and mimicking what he hears and when you pass by his cage, he will greet you Hello! J

The talking Myna Bird

What interest me are the Cockatoos, they have beautiful colored feathers.  Mr. So, the owner informed us that these cockatoos are extremely affectionate.  They are very intelligent and inquisitive birds, and they love to show off!  They are already talking too J

A Cockatoo held by Mr. Robert So

One of them made a comical display with outspread wings, head bobbing, dancing, and loud calls.  That was a very good sight we’ve seen.

These birds have a very high need for attention, affection, and interaction, because of their loving qualities and intelligence.

However, two pet cockatoos can be ideal if you are not able to devote so much time and attention as the bird will demand. Bored cockatoos are notorious for developing bad habits such as screeching and feather plucking. Having a pair will help to prevent bad habits from developing by a bored bird.

Care and feeding of Cockatoos:
Bird Food:
A Cockatoo diet consisting of a basic large hookbill seed mix with supplements of sprouted seeds and all sorts of fruits and vegetables is generally regarded as suitable. Some examples of supplements are apples, pears, plums, oranges, bananas, peaches, carrots, broccoli, lettuce, chickweed, dandelions, and many more.  However, do not feed avocado as it is toxic to birds!
Proteins like cottage cheese, bits of cheese, hard boiled eggs, canned dog food, and cooked meat bones can be given yet stay away from highly seasoned, fatty processed meats. Vitamins and minerals are needed in times of change or stress. If your cockatoo has a tendency to destroy calcium blocks, as an alternative, calcium can be sprinkled on their food about once a week.
Give you cockatoo fresh drinking water every day.
Bird Baths:
Most cockatoos really do not need to be washed any more. This is because they are extremely clean by nature and preen themselves regularly.  Spraying can be done and putting a bird bath inside the cage will do.
Bird Grooming:
A cockatoo with no partner will need assistance from their owners to preen. Scratch lightly in the direction of the feathers on the top of the heads, the neck area, and other areas they can't reach. This will help remove the clear feather sheaths from new feathers, as these can get itchy and uncomfortable.
The beak and claws need to be trimmed if they are not worn down from climbing and chewing. A variety of concrete type perches are available to help the keep nails trim, but they should still be trimmed if they become overgrown. Because cockatoos will demolish mineral blocks, lava blocks, and other beak grooming items in a matter of a few minutes, they won't work to keep beaks trim.

Here are pictures of Medium Gray Parrots and African Gray Parrots of different colors in the bird cages.

We’ve seen hundreds of finches too!  A finch bird is an ideal pet for many homes. They come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and personalities.  Most finches are easy to care for, active, entertaining, and hardy. They are quiet and many species can live in a fairly small area, so they make a good apartment pet. Unlike a parrot, that may pout if you are unable to play with it every day, pet finches prefer to play among themselves.

The top of the line Finch Birds

We were able to take a look at the breeding and hatchery section of these finches.  There is a square nesting box in the cages for breeding, while a small round basket is placed for the hatchery section.  Parent breeders are solely for breeding only.  The ones who takes care of the egg hatching are the surrogate parents called society.  White finches are expensive compared to the colored ones.

My husband posing in the Breeding and Hatchery Section the Finches

Surrogate Parent Finches on top of the basket

newly hatched baby Finch inside the basket

the Breeding Cage

They also have Pheasants, a general name for a family of henlike birds and Hornbills.



There are also perches in the cages for the birds to alight.

More pictures:

The Door at my right is the entrance to more medium Gray Parrots, African Parrots etc.

While inside the office we were looking at the Man who gives a spray bath to the birds

The Entrance to RS Aviary

Yahmir poses on a well, look at his smile lol

A fish pond at the back of the Aviary Farm

more bird cages full of birds

RS Aviary Office

Noi and Yahmir while resting 

RS Aviary is open for B2B transactions and buyers as well.  They are selling Finches like Gouldian, Star Finch, Shaftail, Cut throat, owl, African lovebirds and a lot more. 

Interested parties may email Mr. Robert So at rcs6624@yahoo.com for more details.
RS Aviary, Barangay Malino Angeles City, Pampanga


  1.  The place looks like a place worthy to be visited with the whole family. with the whole family.

  2. I'm sure ykaie would love to go there too!

  3.  I like birds but I don't think they liked me.. I had bird pets before but they all died in a span of 2-3 months hahha.. kasi naman pala I didn't know that time when I had each one of them na Lovebirds pala go crazy when alone. ahah they're supposed to be with a mate huhu.. anyways, glad you got that client pinned down sis.. More to come!

  4. That's so wonderful and they are very beautiful, birds like fishes make us relax by just watching them. I remember tuloy when I was young we also have love birds for pets.

  5.  oh yes, the long trip was worth it :)

  6. oh my Ykaie :) definitely she will enjoy it, especially when she hear the birds talking :)

  7.  ahihi, you need to learn more about birds sissy 

  8.  looks like a great place to learn about birds.. is this place open to the public? how much is the entrance fee?

  9. which reminds me that Yahmir is bugging me to buy birds for his pet hihi

  10.  a great place to have an educational tour...

  11. my son love to have it also but I resist it he is not really responsible enough to take care of pet

  12. did you bring a model with you? the girl in blue :) would love to go there as well. do they have a shuttle service to and from manila? sana meron  

  13.  hello mommy Joy! My son Elijah and niece Svet love animals. I wish to bring them there when they are old enough to travel that far. Wala kasing zoo dito sa Baguio. Dun sa pinagswimmingan namen may sanctuary kaya ang saya nila nung nakita nila konting animals. :)

    Pinay MamaBaguio BoyPhoebe's Blissful LifeBaguio Food

  14. naku my son wants to have a pet bird din, thank you for sharing now may pwede na kami pagpilian

  15. wow, daming birds, nakakatuwa naman :-); i am sure nag enjoy talaga ang son mo Joy :-)

  16.  wow!!! gaganda ng brds!!! i love birds too!! ::)

  17. my daughters would be delighted if they see those colorful birds! (ty for following my new blog sis!) :)

  18. wow! so relaxing! cute ng mga birds! love it!
    ganda nya sis!

  19.  i love birds, well in  fact may alaga ako lovebirds nasa twitter acct me ung pixxx heheh...ganda d2 i wanna go ther if time permits..

  20. wow, medyo malapit lang yan dito sa amin mommy, maybe we can check it out the next time we schedule a family trip. my son loves animals  + will surely enjoy watching the birds.

  21. Even the birds know how to entertain the guest. :)

  22. My kids love birds too.. pero takot sila hawakan.. :) thanks for blogging about this.. would llike to sched one of our weekends to visiting this farm.. :)

  23. Wow, I haven't been to an aviary before.   I love looking at birds.  I like their lovely colors.

  24.  How much is the entrance fee? I will bring my little sister and cousins here in the future. :)


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