Heat Illnesses

Due to increasing heat this summer season, we must be alert on Heat Illnesses our children may acquire. Our children’s immune system is weaker compared to an adult immune system, thus they are prone to easily acquire diseases.

There are three (3) Heat Illnesses that we must be aware of and the following are:

1.  Muscle Cramps

Children are susceptible to heat cramps, particularly when they don’t drink enough fluids.  All that vigorous running and playing cause their bodies to lose salts and body fluids, which causes momentary cramping in their legs, arms and abdominal muscles. 

Generally heat cramps don’t require special treatment.

Bring your child indoors or into the shade.

Loosen or remove your child’s clothing.

Gently massage the cramped muscle.

Encourage your child to eat and drink.

2.  Heat Exhaustion

A more severe form of heat illness.  Heat exhaustion occurs when your child’s body loses too much fluids.

Symptoms may include dehydration, hyper-ventilation, nausea, fatigue and weakness.

Immediately bring your child indoor or into the shade.

Remove your child’s clothing

Encourage your child to eat and drink

Give your child a bath in cool water.

Immediately consult your doctor, particularly if your child is too exhausted or ill to eat or drink.  He may require intravenous (IV) fluids.  Left untreated, heat exhaustion may escalate into heatstroke, which can be fatal.

3.  Heatstroke

Heatstroke is a life-threatening  medical emergency that occurs when the body loses its ability to regulate its own temperature.  Body temperature can soar to 41 degrees Celsius and higher, leading to brain damage or even death if it isn’t quickly attended to.

Heatstroke is indicated by the following symptoms:

40.6 degrees Celsius or higher

Sluggishness, fatigue or unconsciousness

Flushed and dry skin with no sweating

Severe throbbing headache

Weakness, dizziness or confusion

Vomiting, difficulty in breathing

Rapid pulse

Disorientation, delirium

Possible seizure episode

Prompt emergency treatment is required to bring your child’s body temperature under control.

Immediately get your child indoors or into the shade

Undress your child and sponge or douse him with cool water

Seek immediate medical attention for your child.


  1. i don't know sis but here in Bohol, every after lunch, it rains, and it's been days now. from the scorching heat just before lunchtime, it gets dark and then suddenly it rains, kaya siguro i got colds now... too bad... i hope i'll get over with this soon... 

  2. the heat is really unbearable these days.  I also always give my kid water to drink 

  3. Santelmo of Pinoy Muffin TopMay 19, 2011 at 10:21 AM

    yes, you are right. even my parents and myself experience different sorts  of illnesses due to this extreme heat. Most of the time we feel dizzy and exhausted. Sometimes we even have stomach problems due to the heat. That is why we are very thankful that we have a working air conditioner.

    As much a possible, we try to drink more fluids and re-hydrating fruits like Watermelon and try to avoid body heat producing ones like Mangoes.

    Also, children are prone to Prickly Heat (Bungang araw), sun burn and Salmonela (from food that easily got spoiled due to the summer heat)

  4.  drink plenty of fluids sis, take take!

  5.  in order for me not to get tired of washing glasses every now and then, i put on bottled water in the ref. for my youngest son. very convenient both in our parts hihi

  6.  ahaha, you already mentioned my next article to post, anyway, the heat is really irritating, my electric bill ballooned this month, the air conditioner is always on :(

  7.  staying hydrated this summer is what we need to keep from having heat strokes and of course be sure not to stay too long at the sun. 

  8. Thanks for sharing this dear. I myself have been experiencing heat illness which sometimes makes my vision all black-ed out. :( I'm not sure what type of heat illness that is but all I do is make sure I am able to sit down and drink lots of water and breath fresh air.

  9. grabe nga ang init ngayon. ang lagkit pa rin sa katawan kahit maraming beses maligo sa isang araw :(

    You might want to join Mom-ME time at  http://www.my-blogbook.com/2011/05/mmt-1-mom-me-time-22-may-2011.html. A fun meme where you can share the ME-time that you resently had.  

  10.  Grabe sobrang init kahit sa loob ng bahay. I drink a lot of water pero nakaka-dehydrate talaga yung panahon.


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