Yahmir Got Circumcised!

8:30 am, April 6, 2011 was Yahmir’s medical appointment for circumcision at Bernardino General Hospital, Zabarte Quezon City.  Circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin at the tip of the penis. As a tradition here in the Philippines, when boys reach the stage of puberty, aging 9-12 years old, they are bound to undergo this practice.

Circumcision is a hygienic necessity and as much as possible should be done by a doctor to avoid infection. 

Our friend doctor, Dr. Jayson Tejada did the procedure on Yahmir.  He performed a Dorsal Slit Method. It is a single incision along the upper length of the foreskin from the tip to the corona, exposing the glans without removing any tissue.

As usual, I am more nervous than the patient himself (lol).  I keep on telling Yahmir to relax, the pain will only be at the beginning of the procedure which is injecting the local anaesthesia, and then afterwards, it will be numb to feel any pain.

Yahmir is very cooperative and calm, he just said “ouch, ouch” when the doctor is injecting the anaesthesia.  Then, when he felt no more pain, he began chatting with Dr. Jayson while the procedure is on-going. Dr. Tejada is Yahmir’s favorite doctor and trusts him fully. He knows he’s in good hands J.  My husband and I are there to give Yahmir moral support. I almost laugh out loud, when I heard him say “finally! Binata na ako” (finally, I am a young man) after the procedure was finished.

Dr. Tejada and Yahmir before the procedure

medical utensils/equipment used in circumcision

Prescribed Pain Reliever and Antibiotics, plus the wound dressing  kit

As a reward for his braveness, his Dad bought him Champ Hamburger, Peach Mango Pies and large French fries from Jollibee while I was buying his prescribed antibiotics, mefenamic acid, and wound dressings in a nearby Mercury Drug Store.  He ate his food at home then took his first doze of medicines.  Anaesthesia wore out already so he is feeling the wound pain,  I tuck him to bed to rest, after an hour he is already awake and started playing his games on the computer, ahaha.

It has been eleven years ago since my eldest son JM was circumcised, I hardly remember how I cleaned up the wound.  Anyway, I have boiled guava leaves (my mom’s recommendation) to clean the wound, then dabbing it with povidone-iodine afterwards for fast healing of the stitched wound.
We spent Php 950 (more or less $22) for the circumcision package. The procedure took only 20 minutes. He has to get back to the hospital next week for a follow up check-up.


  1. Hi! Dropping the EC love...Your son sure is brave! He's so cute...oops handsome too (binata na! ;-P) ...By the way, I have an ongoing giveaway which will end next Thursday. You might want to check it out...would love your support.

    Thanks and Best Regards! :-D

  2. thanks sis, be visiting now your site :)

  3. hi mommy joy, this reminds me of our little boy. everyday, we talk to him about circumcision, i know he is too young to understand it, he's only 4 years old. but lately, he keeps on scratching his little birdie and he has this scent of a little boy that really needs to be circumcised. hehehe... my hubby would always tell me, that's the smell of a "pisot!" that's the vernacular for uncircumcised boys. hehehe... and our little boy would always say, NO mommy, only when i'm 8. poor little boy...

  4. ahihi, oo nga wala na akong baby waaa

  5. hindi ko alam, pero noon ayaw din ipatuli agad ng husband ko mga bata after birth.

    madali naman mahgilom basta alaga lang sa linis and meds, he can walk straight na, nagsasayaw na nga ulit ahaha

  6. hi Pinx! you ask your pedia about it, i am not scaring you pero it's really painful in the first two days after circumcision

  7. Santelmo of PinoyMuffinTopApril 9, 2011 at 11:30 AM

    Congratulations! ^__^

    Your son was lucky to have such a great doctor. I ended up with our family doctor who turn out to be a sadist.

    He did the procedure in his clinic and not in the ER nor in the OR. So i doubt if his equipments were clean. I had minor infections.

    We had a Bad doctor!!!

  8. aw! sad naman experience mo Karl :(

  9. natawa naman ako "binata na ako" awww...well- they still our baby forever! hehehe.

    Thanks nga pala sa nice compliment ***blushing wink*

  10. Wow Mommy Joy! You now have a little "lad" in your family :) So brave of him to face his baptism of fire. I remember my brother going through the same thing and I and my sister teased him endlessly because he cried on the process. Must hurt back then when it was still sans anesthesia. Congrats again!

    Ria C

    It's My Party
    Home is Where the Heart Is
    Red Lips and Pinky Toes
    Handmade with LOVE

  11. congrats to the little young brave man there. Hehehe

  12. brave talaga sis ahihi, pero i know masakit yun :( ako nga ang parang nasasaktan, anyway it's already healing na

  13. hello sis Ria, how you? am happy but at the same time sad nagbibinata na ang bunso ko waaa

  14. korek sis Carlota, our kids will remain babies in our hearts :)

    well, you really have a dashing smile :)

  15. Yey, binata na sya hehe .. good job yahmir your so brave ..

  16. hhmmn.. i know Jayson :) He was my co-intern in CGHMC way back....lolz.

  17. Yipee, may binata na si Joy!!!

    naku po, buti hindi ka ninerbyos sis...kasi ang ate ko naalala ko sya pa ang tumaas ang BP eh hehehhe

  18. ahaha sis, ninerbyos kaya ako, akala ko iiyak si yahmir e hehe, wala na ako baby waaa

  19. oh really, he would be happy to know that you have read this :)

  20. happy he did not cry :)


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