Suggestions On HowTo Keep Everything In Place

The family starts to grow after a year or two of marriage.  The home begins to be much livelier and happier with kids around, but at the same time house chores becomes much difficult to manage.  We need to be systematic in keeping everything in place to keep things organized.

Make a cleaning schedule and stick to it.  I posted a copy of cleaning schedule in the dirty kitchen.  A list of chores done on a daily basis, weekly and monthly, plus reminders on saving tips.  I emphasized to my househelp to keep on reading it until she memorizes it, so I won’t be always reminding her.

Create purpose-driven home zones.  For instance, the bedroom is just a bedroom. No work table, no computer, except for a tv and and a dvd player.

Edit your closet.  I am sick and tired of seeing disarrayed clothes and other stuffs in my children’s closet. So, in order for them to keep it tidy, I make room for their favorite clothes and new purchases.  I put away old clothes to be given to donations.  In this case they will see and find things easier.  I edit their closets twice a year.

Toy Control.  I tell you, in my experience It’s very tiring to clean up and tidy up toys every now and then, and sometimes it will give you a mad head seeing them lying anywhere and everywhere in the house.  What I did?  I bought stackable bins. These bins organized my son’s toys in categories, toy guns, toy cars, action figures, books, lego and many more.  They can easily tidy it up after they played with them.

Reduce, reuse and recycle.  We can always reuse and repurpose things.  Buying big packs of laundry detergents, fabric conditioner, shampoo etc. and just transfer them into smaller containers reduces garbage in our homes.  I reuse the empty cooking oil container by just buying refill packs. Empty sacks of rice can be used for garbage segregation instead of the plastic bags.  I bring my eco bag with me when I do the marketing or grocery.

Having an Emergency or First Aid Kit, a Tool Box, a cabinet for your toiletries and laundry materials in the house is very handy.  It will give you less time consumption in finding things when you need it.  I implement the rule:  return things in proper places/ where you get it after using it.

It is advisable if you can improvise or buy a study table with compartments for your kids. A study table can make them concentrate more in studying their lessons and making their home works. Also, they can keep their school supplies, dictionaries, books and other school stuffs in compartments to avoid clutter.

After doing the grocery and wet market shopping, I arrange fishes, pre-cut beef/pork meat and chicken in reusable freezer bags with labels, I neatly stack them up to the freezer according to the sequence  of my prepared menu for the week, so I will not be putting them all out of the freezer in order for me to find what I need J.  


  1. Verhy helpful Mommy tips sis....

  2. thanks sis, i submitted my blogs in brown pinay link exchange ha hihi

    you're already in my blogroll :)

  3. This is really helpful tips. Thanks or sharing. When I came here in the US, there has been changes on the things I normally do back home and now I am use to it. I make sure that my refrigerator is arranged and organized and my kitchen and bathroom are squeaky clean.

  4. yep bins for the toys really help. thank you for your constant visit!

  5. great post! wish i am that organized :(

  6. you're in my blogroll na rin mommy Joy.

  7. hi mommy joy! thanks for sharing this, i have been meaning to buy stackable bins for my little boy's toys. but i always tend to forget about it, hehehe... my bad. anyways, sa bedroom namin, we don't have tv, kasi if we have one, di kami makakapag-usap ni hubby, or di rin kami nakakasleep ng maaga... hehehe... pag may tv, may disturbo.. LOL! mommy joy, i'll put you in my blogroll too. hope you can do the same. my blogs are:

    Pink Memoirs
    Hands Full of Life
    These and Those

  8. hello Pinx, added your Pink Memoirs :), i'll be adding your other blogs in my Joy's Flair :)

  9. i think we need that reusable freezer bag so that we can devide the meat already per meal, thanks for sharing some of your secrets love it

  10. hi Air! you can buy it in supermarkets :) i will share my ideas always sis hihi

  11. I used empty sacks of rice or any sack for garbage segregation too. We've been segregating our garbage for so many years. I thank my mom for instilling that to us.

    Really very nice tips. I can see an OC mommy in you. Thanks for sharing.


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