A New Blog Theme, A House Warming Gift

For sure, you already have noticed that this blogsite is wearing her new theme/layout in the past two days. It took me also two days to write on a thank you article for I was so glued in just exploring and staring at my new theme (lol). I really love the way how it was dressed up!
Merci! Mhel “BlankPixel” Ignacio J

Mhel is the reason why I joined the blogging community.  She encouraged me to put my random thoughts into writing through intercommunicating and sharing on-line journal.  At first, I was hesitant because I fear that maybe nobody will read on my posts, except Mhel and me, ahaha. Another thing is, I know nothing about blogging, so I started to make some readings and start to learn the ins and outs.  It was May, 2009 when I started to create a blog but I was able to post only one article, due to lack of knowledge and busy schedules. November, 2010, I resume my blogging, and surprised Mhel that my blog was born and I am ready to join the blogosphere J.

She was very happy and excited just like me.  Immediately, she taught me the basics, the do’s and don’ts and even introduced me to some of her blogging friends, added me to several blogger groups, where I was able to gain more cyber friends who also shares blogging tips with me.  Every now and then, Mhel communicates with me and patiently answers my questions.

She gave me a domain name on my birthday last January, and promised me this blog theme. Lucky me to have found one great true friend J.  This blog is now 5 months old, and I was able to create two more blogs – Delectable Ideas and Joy’s Flair J

You may now also grab my badge at the side bar, be working on exchanging badges in the next days.

I may not be as good as the other writers but I will give my best to write good articles to make your visit worthy J.

Once again, my heartfelt appreciation to you  Mhel. Thank you so much my friend!


  1. Santelmo of PinoyMuffinTopApril 26, 2011 at 3:32 PM

    congratulations on your new blog theme! magaling at mabait talaga idol natin noh? ^_^ hihihi

  2. i love your new house, Sis. Didn't know that Mhel is designing blogs too. She's very artistic.

    By the way, thanks for always visiting my site. I really appreciate it.

  3. I'm so glad you loved it. Weeehh. And thanks for being patient. Took me awhile to finish, I'm too OC for this hahahaha.

    You're very much welcome, sis! I'll work on the other elements of your theme within this week, I promise. :)

    And I'm glad I was able to convince you to blog. You've got too many good things to share. :) *hugs*

  4. korek ka dyan Karl, that's why she's getting more and more blessings :)

  5. thanks sis Rossel :) Mhel is very good in designing and evrything about computers, a real geek :)

  6. by the way, i love visiting your sites, i'll be there weekly, promise :)

  7. ay i thought is already done, meron pa pala elements, hehe

    on the other hand i didn't know if i will thank you for turning me into a blog-aholic, adeek ahaha

  8. congrats sis Joy, very clean ska type ko ung color ng theme.. :D

  9. thanks sis Josie :)

  10. Congrats po on your new blog theme. Ganda ng layout pati color scheme :)

  11. hello joy! You're blog looks really nice. I like it. I've been wanting of having a blog make over but I still cant afford it. LOL! Glad to know you have a good friend who knows how to turn a blog so lovely as this.

  12. Congratulations Joy on your blog theme! :) Love it. ^_^ Glad you decided to come back to the blogosphere. You won't regret it ;)

  13. hello! thanks for the visit, oh yes, without Mhel, this blog would still look dugyot ahaha

  14. thanks Mars, wish me luck hihi

  15. I absolutely love the color!!!


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