Yahmir and ADHD

Yahmir Yahmir, the youngest among my two sons, now 11 years old was diagnosed having ADHD at age 7.  We (My husband and I) began to notice his disorder during his Pre-school days.  I thought he was just too stubborn like other kids at his age, but having another son older than him, who is far more behaved and easier to handle made me think that this is not normal anymore. There are times that I find it hard to handle him.  All of the symptoms began to exhibit at age 6. It took us another year before we decided to ask for medical help. He is having problems in concentrating and paying attention.  He cannot keep still, kids usually will behave after telling them to sit properly, in his case when he sits down, in a few seconds he will start fidgeting, moving his hands or stamping his feet or wiggle around in his seat, he moves around a lot which makes me giddy most of the time.  Sometimes he is disorganized, he is also easily distracted, or forgetful about daily activities too.

Prized Possession

One of the best birthday gift I received last January 4, 2011 is a show piece that I really treasure, a source of my pride and joy, a very memorable and undying remembrance.  As shown in my first article, this blog was born on November 9, 2010.  Being a greenapple in the blogging world, I am still a noob in the ins and outs of blogosphere.  I am still in the process of learning through interacting, reading blog tips for dummies and blogs of fellow bloggers, joining bloggers’ groups and many more.  I still have to go a long long way to be a professional blogger to acquire page ranks, commendations etc.  Well, I am not rushing things, I do part time blogging to put into use my passion for writing.  I compose and write articles according to my own experiences and interests to share tips and ideas, to emphasize a personal point of view, to inform or give words of advices to my readers. I started with, come J

The Perfect Breakfast

The healthiest meal to jumpstart a day is also the easiest one to prepare – Breakfast.  I have two kids, and my problem lies in my youngest son Yahmir.  It is a real chore to lure kids to the breakfast table.           His class starts at 7am so I have to wake him up early for his school service fetches him at around 6:15 am.  Usually, he has no appetite to eat in early mornings unlike his big brother.  Before he starts whining, I am already insisting him to eat telling him that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and his tummy will get upset if he will not eat.  If he eats breakfast, his stomach will be very happy about it and his body will be able to use the food to get the energy going, and send him off to school all fuelled up for the day - well at least until morning break!  I make sure that he eats even a little. 

Hello! Year 2011

How is your New Year coming along? Well, I have a few New year’s resolution to make this year, a decision that I made on the first day of the year about the things that I intend to do or stop doing during this year. Healthy diet tops my list, I need to shed out some fats accumulated over a year hahaha. Second, Impulse buying becomes a habit that I needed to control, I will now be more strict on my budget. Third, to make blogging a routine.  And lastly, to learn more on how to hold and control my temper.       In the Chinese Calendar, I was born in the year of the fire horse, according to fengshui my horoscope forecast for this year is on average.  I can make it good by attracting the good chi (positive energy), having the favourable  elements of water and metal and the color shades of white, gold, blue, black or gray.  To attract chi, I have plenty of chimes in my home, the sweet, clinging sound when the breeze lightly touches the chime is simply splendid.  Though I am monitoring my f

Year 2010, a recap

Year 2010 has been generally a good year for me and my family. Although not too many aspired accomplishments were made and done in this year, I am happy ending this year chapter of my life. My eldest Son had graduated in this year at age 19, got immediately hired and now enjoying the benefits of a regular employee.  My youngest son, a transferee to his new school got into the cream of the crop section and entered the top ten, having the 3 rd rank by second quarter of school year. Christmas bonding moments with my siblings together with our Mom and Dad. Due to hectic schedules, we only see each other occasionally.  Yuletide season gives us the time to see more often and to bond more together with our families. Sisters: (from left to right) Tess, Joy, Cecille, Maricon with Mom and Dad my 2 sons, nieces and nephews with my Husband, Mom and Dad, Tess, Cecille and husband and my only cousin  on Father's side Ate Vangie and husband Lastly , one of the major events

Weekend Blog Follower Caravan

As a greenapple in the world of blogging, I am very happy that fellow bloggers welcome me in joining blogger groups like Pinay Mommy Bloggers and Pinoy Bloggers. Now before the year ends,  I am joining Weekend Blog Follower Caravan.  I am so excited to meet fellow bloggers and follow their blogs too. This is a great treat for me to start the year 2011 in my blogging career. If you're interested to join the Caravan, don't hesitate, come and join Us!

Saving Money Tips Around the Home

Are you also looking for ways to save energy and money at home?  Well, I nearly fainted seeing my monthly bills ballooning in the past year, So, I started to implement the austerity program in my household. I keep on looking for ways and learn ideas on how I can decrease or at least regulate my monthly water and electricity billing statements . Here are some money saving ideas and tips that I’ve learned and religiously applying in my household. Home Saving Tip 1: Distinguish between Wants and Needs.  Once inside the supermarket/grocery store, I keep on reminding myself to focus on buying first the high priority items and what is really needed. So, in order for me not to splurge on anything, am only bringing enough cash for my needed things to buy and in order to stay within the budget too.