Mosquitoes here, there and everywhere

After my youngest son, Yahmir, has been hospitalized due to dengue fever caused by a mosquito bite years ago, I am always on guard against mosquitoes. Dengue and Chikungunya are now an all-year-round mosquito-bite diseases in the country which should not be taken for granted as it comes in different strains that can be fatal.

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To refrain from being the dinner of these blood suckers, as much as possible we mosquito proof our home. We always check for any stagnant water in and out of the house especially after a rain fall. Any pool of water like in the saucer of a plant pot or rain water caught inside an old tire, fresh flower vases and even in the base of an air conditioning unit is a good place for them to breed and hang out. In fact, wherever they can find enough water  to lay their eggs, they will be there.

There are many ways to keep safe from mosquitoes.  Through researching I have found out that there are plants that repel mosquito.  Unknowingly I have these plants in my garden like the Citronella grass, Rosemary, an herb plant that I used in roasting lamb chops, and Marigold, one of my favorite flowering plants.  A good friend gave me a Neem tree seedling, known also as a mosquito repellent.  Aside from the mosquito repellent plants around, I also spray an odorless insect spray all over the house once a week.

Even if we make sure of a no-mosquito home, we are not yet safe when we get out of the house, so I have this anti mosquito bracelet (effective for 15 days with refillable pellet) worn by my youngest son for better protection.  My eldest son and husband uses repellent lotion, alternately with mosquito patches (can be bought from the supermarkets and drugstores) when they go off to work.  I also have this at hand in the car whenever we go out of town to make sure of mosquito bite protection. 

Once in a while I also put a little of eucalyptus oil in a small saucer in our bedroom, as it drives away insects too. The use of mosquito coil in the backyard whenever we hang out there on weekends to do cooking (roasting).

Better be safe as the saying goes “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”


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