Kids, Computers and the Worldwide Web

Nowadays, it is very typical to see a computer in every household. The computer technology, just like the cell phone already became a basic need of the family. You can see different computers on sale in the malls, and a wide range of ISPs’ (Internet Service Providers) to choose from.
Computer literacy is no longer a problem to the new generation. Most schools are offering Computer Subject that is included in school’s curriculum from Pre-school to High School. Teachings begin from basic keyboard home keys up to the use of different applications. Adults, who are still beginners in computer know-how can learn a lot from our children’s computer books.
The Worldwide Web, as defined in Wikipedia is abbreviated as WWW and commonly known as the Web, is a system of interlinked hypertext documents accessed via the Internet. With a web browser, one can view web pages that may contain text, images, videos, and other multimedia and navigate between them by using hyperlinks. "The World-Wide Web was developed to be a pool of human knowledge, and human culture, which would allow collaborators in remote sites to share their ideas and all aspects of a common project."
Let me emphasize that not all facts and information you can search in the web are safe, true and authenticated. This is the reason why I chose this topic to discuss. Make sure that you are reading and researching on trusted sites. How to tell if a site is secure? With so many sites on the Web, it’s hard to know which are safe to trust, and which to avoid. Computer expert’s recommendation was to follow standard defense methods which include not running as an administrator, keeping your operating system and third-party applications patched, and keeping your antivirus updated and run daily scans.
Kids are very much hooked up on computers and other related gadgets, we, their parents need to take a look on the sites they’ve been visiting in the last few days by taking a look at the history of the last pages opened in your browser. Pornographic sites and other malicious adult websites are just one click away, we have to protect our children from getting abused or exploited by these sites. Let me share to you how I manage to keep my children from viewing X sites as I call it. I am using opendns, an online configuration to block adult websites from loading on the computer. It’s easy to use and it’s free!
We also have to be aware that our children have their cyber friends aside from their school friends and neighborhood friends. I, for instance get along with my children in playing computer games, for I am a gamer too J. I was forced to learn the game basics be it an offline or online game when we were still operating an ICafe business, a family business wherein the whole family is involved in its operation. There I came to know, that one can gain many friends in the internet through the online gaming and social networks. I am always on the watch in monitoring, who are they chatting with, especially with my 11 year old kid, I simply do it by just asking with interest and let him do the next talking by telling me who are they, their nationality and other information.
I am not against the computer and web surfing for I personally find it very useful and informative, but it is also very addicting, we have to limit its usage and explain to our kids that they can use it provided that they prioritize their studies” Play Hard, Study Harder!”. No computer on weekdays is one of our house policies, except when there is a need to research on their school assignments. They enjoy playing in the computer during weekends and holidays, after they’re done doing their house duties, and school homeworks.


  1. I am looking for a series of books to implement on an elementary school about computers. They must be entertaining for kids 6-11 (or younger), be practical and really teach about computers.

  2. Maam, here in the Philippines, we have elementary computer books, school children as early as primary school has their computer lessons already, these books are very basic, easy to learn, even adults without computer knowledge can use these books for reference :)

  3. hi mom joy, how can i stop my kid his only 6yrs old  every day his playing computer and watching cartoon network his grade 1,everytime  i talk to him how's ur school today his said i  dont know i dont know....  pls advice me.  

  4. We have a similar situation with my 8 year old son. Though he is pretty smart at school, he gets easily distracted by his computer games. So what we do, we have time-outs every time he makes unhealthy decisions of prioritizing his PC rather than his homework.


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