Notepad Corner’s Author Birthday Bash Giveaway

Another feather on my cap, as my gray hair is again ready to sprout, lol. Another year for added life experiences, wisdom and knowledge as I celebrate my natal day.

This is my best time and opportunity to thank all the people who are always there to love and bear with me, through good and bad times, in sickness and in health, in rich and in poor. To my loving husband and children, my dear Mom, Dad and siblings, my relatives and friends who stayed with me all through 46 years of my life, actually it was not the years in my life that count. It's the life in my years which matter most. My greatest appreciation and gratitude for your unending love, care and support. I am what I am today because I have you who believed in me.

So without further ado, I am very delighted to throw a birthday treat. This is my way to celebrate this special day with you. Seven Mini-home giveaways are awaiting seven lucky winners.

Notepad Corner's Birthday blow-out #1 - A Rice Cooker
Notepad Corner's Birthday Blow-out #2 - Electric Blender

Notepad Corner's Birthday Blowout #3 - Thermal Pot

Notepad Corner's Birthday Blow-out #4 - Productive Pinoy Book and Thomas Kinkade Puzzle
Notepad Corner's Birthday Blow-out #5 bath and laundry Essentials

Notepad Corner's Birthday Blow-out #6 - Lock and Lock Products

Notepad Corner's Birthday Blow-out #7 - HeartStrings Bag
Only 14 mandatory tasks are given with an easy peasy instructions for an easy win. Giveaway will start on the eve of my birthday, January 3, 2012 and will go on until January 31, 2012. Come January 3, don't hesitate to get back Start clicking and have the chance to win one of the prizes above.  Best of luck!

Note: This giveaway is for Philippine Residents only.

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Lovingly written by Joy


chrisair said...

Happy birthday mam joy and Happy new year to you and your family, as soon as this contest is up I'm gonna be the first to enter my entry. Baka kasi may prize ang early bird ehehehe

Santelmo said...

Advance Happy Birthday, Ms. Joy ^_^

Happy New Year! ^_^

blankPixels said...

Woohoo! It's almost your birthday! Congratulations again sis and I'm excited about this giveaway. I'll help you spread the word. ^_^

Maricel said...

Happy birthday, sis Joy! Hope you have many more years ahead!

Tess Chancellor said...

Happy Birthday sis ! i will surely join this fabulous contest .Will make a blog post about this .Thank you for being my friend although we haven't met yet in person.God Bless you and yuor family.

Mommy Jes said...

woot woot!! excited! :D

Kim Bam Heo said...

I like this! :D Joining this when it starts! :)

Gagay said...

will join.. :D

Dhadha :) said...

Wow! Ang bongga ng prizes! I will surely join your contest Mommy Joy! :)

Happy New Year! :)

Sie said...

weeeeee..Happy Happy birthday po Ms.Joy and happy new year po *hugs* ;)

Anna Monique said...

I want the Productive Pinoy Book! I will join. :)
Happy New Year po from

Jhackie Pagal said...

I will join in this :))
Advance happy Birthday po ..
More and more blessings to come !!
God Bless

Shengkay said...

yay! I'll join this.. heartstring bag fanatic ako..

jared's mum said...

name: vix parungao
email address: vixdotparungaoatgmaildotcom
Facebook name: vix parungao
Shared Facebook URL about this giveaway:
Twitter name: @vixquips
will be back with my twitter url later as twitter's gone wonky again ^_^

thanks for this giveaway mommy + Happy birthday! ^_^

joysflair said...

sis, paki balikan din yun G+ circles ha please, thanks :)

Bambie Navarro said...

name: bambie navarro
email address:
Facebook name: bambie navarro
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Twitter name: crazyoverpurple
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Tungaw Ako said...

wow! daming prize, happy birthday at happy new year :)

chrisair said...

Name: airine
Email: airkulet(at)yahoo(dot)com
FB Name: Chrisair Martinez Abenes
FB post:
Twitter post:!/airkulet/status/154027887949922304

Cecile Abigail Esteban Cinco said...

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c5 @

BlogCGiveaway said...

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Bubbles said...

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Ning Magcauaus said...

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Jimmy Galang said...

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Crystal Lagman said...

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Wendell Glenn Cagape said...

ayos to ah. Happy Birthday! love the draw and wishes you all the best. 

Debbie B. Joplo said...

HAppy Birthday Maam Joy.More Blessings to celebrate:0)

Sionee said...

Name : Sionee Orio
FB Name: Sionee Del Monte Orio
FB Post:
Twitter: @kindlehearts
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Michelle Lois Bugante said...

Happy birthday Ms. Joy! Won't join muna. Next time na lang :) Thank you!!! :D

Maricel Tan said...

name: Maricel Tan
email address:

Facebook name: Maricel Tan
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Twitter name
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Angela Ricardo said...

Good luck to your contestant! WOuld love to join but I'm not a resident of the Philippines. :( All the best to you and your blog. Happy 2012.

koreandoll | miss angel

myrna roman said...

Wishing you all the great things in life! and thanks for this birthday bash giveaways you share that makes you happiest. Happy birthday Ms Joy!  

Ning said...

name: NIng Buning
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Sining Factory said...

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Pink MagaLine said...

Name: Mrs. Kolca Email:
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Twitter post:!/MrsKolca/status/15410179083141529621
Hello sis! Thanks for this fab giveaway. Please enter me. Hope to win!! :))

Crumpylicious Blog said...

joining too 
Name: stacy lyn liongFacebook: Mrs.KolcaTwitter: @crumypblog

Gagay said...

gagay dinampo
gagay (at) gagaymd (dot) com
gagay dinampo

Happy Birthday Mommy Joy! God Bless and hoping to grab 1 of your prizes!

Ricalyn Sicad said...

name: Ricalyn Sicad
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twitter name:rsicad
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awesome giveaway!happy new year!:D

Julianne Yuki said...

Julianne Yuki

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Renz Paul Alexis Dagoyo said...

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Mau Diaz said...

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ralph said...

happy birthday po... best of luck to all... kakatuwa naman... daming giveaways... madami din pong blessings... Yahweh bless.

Mei said...

Ang bongga ng prizes! maka-join nga jan hehe

Julie said...

wow! such a generous giveaway Miss Joy! I will not join because I'm out of the country and besides, it's not easy to send packages here in israel. hehe.. goodluck to the winners.

Alwin said...

Whoa! Lots of giveaways! I hope to reach a level of success like yours where I can have these giveaways. Happy Birthday! :-)

Taopo said...

Hi po! is it mandatory for my entry to be valid on answering all those needed? Wala kasi po ako Google Plus... thanks!

Gil Camporazo said...

Happy birthday. Another chapter in your life is added. And giving away something is your own way of celebrating your special day. It sounds good and inviting for there are 7 wonderful birthday prizes are waiting to be given away!

sethjill said...

Name: Rosette Jill Omana
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Dhadha said...

Great giveaway Mommy Joy! I'm joining! :)
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Diana_beatima said...

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Shengkay said...

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Lovely Joy Merced said...

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Jhenz Balatico said...

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Joahna said...

Joined po, Mommy Joy. Taking my chances here. :) 
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Thanks po! ;) happy birthday! 

Yuuki said...

i'm a Phil resident but currently not residing in the Phils, pwede ba un? 

Unnamed Psalmist said...

This is the part i love "Note: This giveaway is for Philippine Residents only." lolz

Happy Happy Birthday mamiJoy, God Bless you more and more and more to be a blessing to more and more and more of us. :)

how great thou art

- FranCis

Unnamed Psalmist said...

nyak nyak nyak from Qatar with Love!

Oscar Balidoy Desiderio III said...

Happy Birthday! :)

Ning Magcauaus said...

i forgot to even greet you.

happy birthday and i declare good health and prosperity in your every area of your life!

Joeyboy said...

name: Joel Baluyot
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jared's mum said...

done with G+ mommy + here is the link to my twitter post:!/vixquips/status/153948167786860544

thanks ^_^

Bien Nonoy said...

Happy Birthday and what a way to celebrate your birthday too

Divine said...

Happy Birthday, sis! All the best!

peachkins said...

Happy Birthday Joy! Great giveaway..sana isa ako sa manalo..LOL!
Name: Peachy Adarne
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Ion Gonzaga said...

happy happy birthday! sarap naman nun, birthday contest... ;-) may you have more rewards to come your way...

Christian Melanie Lee said...

Happy Birthday Mommy Joy! May you have many birthdays to come! :)

Name:Christian Melanie Lee
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Irish Tamayo said...

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RC Gweniful/Cherry said...

Happy Birthday, Joy!  

Pinx said...

joined mommy Joy! Happy Birthday to you!

Pinx said...

ooppppsss... i forgot:

Name: Pinx Labado
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Super Mommy Jem said...

name - Ma. Jemimah Alvarado
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JoMi said...

Wow, Mommy Joy, ang sowsyal, di kana ma reach, dami mong prizes! Hehehe! HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Keep on blogging! =)

Perlita Fernandez said...

Perlita Fernandez

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Asho said...

Just had a look at your blog and i love it... happy birthday...

Mai said...

Happy Birthday, mommy Joy! Joining:
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Christia Ramos said...

Happy happy birthday Joy! :) I hope, more than white hair and feathers on your cap, an additional year has given you a whole lotta wisdom that you will be sharing in your blog.

Much love, Christia

My 7 New Year Resolutions from 2012 from Christia's World

lady Soda said...

Happy Birthday!! Thank you for sharing your blessings too :). God bless you more!! 

Em Cortez
FB: Em Aban Cortez
Twitter URL:!/IamPinkEm/status/154466710395686912

maiylah said...

Happy Birthday! :)
thanks for the opportunity!

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fb name: mharia maiylah
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rachel canales said...

hope to win anyof this awesome prizes mam joy ^_^

Arlyn Heidi said...

Happy birthday po. God bless you and your family.
Here are my details:
name: Arlyn Heidi Basada
email address: ahbasada(at)gmail(.)com
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Elinor Semira said...

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Jonathan said...

Happy Birthday! Really nice, but I don't do contests. Goodluck to whoever who wins though.

Leo garcia said...

hope to win happy new year:)

promking said...

Joseph Paulo S de Leon
promking at!/pepideleon/status/154520256939958272 

Jenny Jimenez said...

cool giveaways :) and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May you be more blessed with sunshine in your heart to enjoy with your love ones!

Girlie Camungay said...

Girlie Camungay
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john michell said...

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Norika said...

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erica yu-b said...

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Zhen Sincere said...

cool giveaways!! Happy New Year!!! More luck for 2012:)

Joan Macawili said...

Very nice giveaway. Happy New Year!

Joan Macawili said...

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Bagel said...

Joined already

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Torrefielexcellany said...

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Maryjade Anne said...

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theresa montino said...

hi.. I'm joining.. :)

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~~~ thanks! hope to win! :)

Kimberly Camille Tiu said...

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reina valiente said...

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May said...

Belated happy birthday Mommy Joy! Joined!

May Castro
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hope I win! :D 

Brown Pinay said...

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Francis Falucho said...

Francis Falucho 

Yen said...

Belated Happy Birthday! More Blessing to come..


Mary Jane Francisco said...

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Laurence Beruin said...

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Melandriaromero said...

really nice,  happy birthday to you!

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Shaz Gepana said...

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Brenda Espinas Tende said...

belated Happy Happy Birthday to you!!! :D

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Fe Mangaliag said...

Happy Birthday, sis !
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Marose Castillo said...

Happy Birthday! I hope your day was great, filled with love and joy.
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Maricel said...

Sis Joy, I've just joined your giveaway. Based on the overflowing comments, I can just bet it's a success. Congratulations! And happy birthday, too! Hope you have many more years ahead, years filled with love, wealth and health.

Maricel said...

Name: Maricel Rivera
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Molinalnm said...

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jackie said...

Hello Ms Joy.. I am very much excited to join this give away and I am hoping that I could have any of your prizes :)
Here's my account:

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Jojo Danilo said...

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Iamprincessjang said...

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Raymond T. Cubeta said...

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rommelmarcos said...

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mymy said...

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Mina Palencia said...

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ellinor said...

Hi Ms Joy.. lot's of blessings to give... lot's of things to cherish in life... may you have more to come... God bless :)

Vin Baldonado said...

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aneria said...

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Super Leah said...

Happy birthday po! May you have lots of candles to blow and cakes to slice. Good luck sa mga sumali sa inyong bday giveaway! Again, happy birthday! :)

ellenjoycastel said...

Ayan! Now lang ako natapos sa pagfollow ng lahat ng instructions pero naggreet ako sayo nung birthday mo :)
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crossing my fingers XX

Meah Baltazar said...

nice and very practical giveaways! :)  btw, should I post my details here? ^_^

Jules O said...

wish you the best ms joy to you and your family ~

Pinay Mommy said...

Joining Mommy! Happy Birthday and Congrats!!

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Momaye said...

I like the giveaways much! thanks!

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Lizzie of eBooks Corner said...

Ako rin. I'm a year older now. :)

Christine SD said...

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Clint Andrew said...

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Donna Jane Ramos Marcuap said...

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Thanks for this contest! 
Great prizes love it :)

Donna Jane Ramos Marcuap said...

Happy Happy Birthday to you <3

zoan said...

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I am joining this contest sis:) thanks for the chance ehehe

Kaye said...

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Maricel said...

happy birhday!♥

Super Social WAHM said...

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Nelson Alejo said...

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Clarisse Diy said...

Happy Birthday Ms. Joy!!! God bless.

ferdinand angeles said...


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Donna Jane Ramos Marcuap said...

Thank you so much,  I haven't receive an e-mail , my e-mail is thanks ! <3

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