Weekend Blog Follower Caravan

As a greenapple in the world of blogging, I am very happy that fellow bloggers welcome me in joining blogger groups like Pinay Mommy Bloggers and Pinoy Bloggers.

Now before the year ends,  I am joining Weekend Blog Follower Caravan.  I am so excited to meet fellow bloggers and follow their blogs too.

This is a great treat for me to start the year 2011 in my blogging career. If you're interested to join the Caravan, don't hesitate, come and join Us!

Lovingly written by Joy


Pinay Mommy Online said...

Welcome Mommy Joy! Thanks for joining! Happy New Year! Followed you back!

Pinay Mommy Online

the all-around mom said...

Hello po! I'm your new follower from the Weekend Blog Caravan. Here's the link to one of my blogs:

Happy New Year! :)

Dorothy said...

Happy New Year! I've followed you from WBFC :)

Here's my blog - http://www.princesswannabe.com

*josie* said...

Hi Joy, visiting you from the caravan and following you from all my sites:
Travel Sites and Scenes
Josie's Window
Josie's Kitchen
Josie's Files
Hope you can visit me too and Happy New YEar!

☆♥Shydub♥☆ said...

Hello Joy, im your newest follower from WBFC

Happy New Year. Hope you can follow my blogs included in the caravan

J&J Milestones and Adventures
In Pursuit of Success
Shy's Mixed Thoughts

seth said...

I am a new follower from WBFC! :-)

Hope you can follow mine as well...

busy mommy me

Lulu Post said...

Following from the caravan...

Please follow me here:
Daily Snippets
Beauty, Fashions, & Finds

Joy said...

Great blogs you have Ladies! I followed all your blogs, I will often visit and read your blogs too :)

My indulgence for late reply, am feeling a bit of discomfort in my tummy these past days :(

Anyway! Cheers for a New Year! Great year for all of Us!

K said...

following you from WBFC! follow back pretty please? ^_^


thankies! mwah!

Joy said...

hello K! am following you too :)

Iris said...

Followed you sis :) Muah!

Joy said...

Thanks sis Iris :)

aeirin said...

Hello! I’ve followed your blog from WBFC! Happy New Year!


Joy said...

hello aerin! happy new year! i'll be following you too :)

Gene said...

Happy new year Joy! Following you via WBFC.

gene + experiments

Joy said...

Hi Gene! am a proud follower of you too!

Ellen Joy said...

followed your site for WBFC :)
Hope you can also visit my sites and follow back :)Ty!
Happy New Year :D

Joy said...

yes sis Ellen, will do :)

Pinay Blogger said...

Following you from WBFC. Please follow back on my very new blogs too:

The Pinay Blogger: A Filipina Blogger's Learnings and Earnings and My Food, Fashion, and Beauty Blog


benilda said...

Hello! I've followed you here from WBFC. Hope you could follow by blog too.

Here it is Contest Buff

Joy said...

Hello Pinay Blogger and Benilda! Done following you too! :)

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