Building a New Home? Here's 5 Additions to Consider

Are you building a new home or contemplating a renovation of your existing one? There are a lot of home additions to consider and it's an important decision to make, as they are usually expensive and can be complex to carry out. The benefits are great though. They can expand your living space by means of an extra bedroom, a new kitchen, or perhaps a bigger family room. And it all adds value to your property too, which is likely to make up for the money you spent on it.

1. Security Doors and Shutters

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Most homes usually come with traditional wire mesh screens and security doors. To ensure your home is extra safe, consider installing new-age screens that have high-tensile stainless steel woven into mesh. The wonderful thing about the doors is that they can be installed as standalone doors or fitted to existing doors even if they're sliding or bi-folds. And you can choose window screens that can be opened rather than fixed, for emergency exits. Plus, they all provide unobstructed outdoor views too! Check out reliable business, like Stylewise Security for more information or simply click here to check out an array of options.

2. Bathrooms

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It's common for home owners to desire an additional bathroom, or a better one. Bathrooms can be complicated because they involve installing and re-fitting plumbing supply lines and drains, and it usually takes up existing living space. However, bathrooms can be as simple as a basic powder room for guests, or as luxurious as a bathroom with a spa bath! Either will add value to your home.

3. Kitchen

Another popular home-renovation idea usually includes remodelling an existing kitchen. Extra bench space can be achieved by adding a standalone island to the kitchen, and additional drawers and shelves can be added to this, as well as other parts of your kitchen. Kitchens are appliance-heavy, so remember to add extra powerpoints all around the area at different heights, and on your new island as well, so you won't have to drag cables all over the place.

4. Family/rumpus/rec room

Many families prefer to reserve their living room for entertaining – so the furniture stays ‘nice’ enough for guests. A basement or spare room converted into a family/rumpus room is a great way for the family to be themselves. Usually, the ‘not so nice’ furniture can be in this room, plus the entertainment unit.

5. Guesthouse

If you know you’re going to have a lot of guests, or there aren’t enough rooms in the main house for your kids to have separate rooms, a guesthouse/granny flat/pool housewill prove indispensable. There are many possibilities for this area – you could install a kitchenette and bathroom, basically making this into a studio apartment. Long-term guests will be less of an intrusion, or kids can learn some independence.
Building a home or putting in additions to your current home can be a challenge, yet so rewarding once complete. It will make daily life easier or even a little more fun. It will also add value to your home should you decide to sell one day.

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How to Motivate Yourself for some Serious Cleaning

Cleaning is not an activity that many people prefer. It is highly unlikely to hear someone tell you “Cleaning is my favorite thing!” It is much more likely to hear people complain of cleaning, thinking of it as a tiresome work that they do just because they have to, not because they like it. And while it is true that cleaning should be done because it is the only way to provide a healthy environment and proper living conditions, it can in fact turn into a fun activity.

Do not frown on this thought just yet. Cleaning, just like any job, can be made easier and more interesting in various ways. You will hardly want to clean everything by yourself, since hiring a cleaning company is always an option, but if you follow some of the following suggestions you might just feel more inclined to do some cleaning service in your home.

Develop a cleaning routine – cleaning is often times deemed difficult and tiring, simply because there is so much you have to deal with all at once. If you delay cleaning tasks for too long, you might find yourself overwhelmed and feel very demotivated to start. Developing a cleaning routine can help you tackle one task at a time, spreading the work over the days of the week, thus reducing the stress of having to spend entire days cleaning. Take for example washing dishes. You may feel like just tossing the dishes in your sink after each meal, in case you do not have a dishwasher. Soon enough you will find a towering pile of dishes, which might take a whole hour to clean. If you spend just a minute washing the dishes every time you use them, you will not have to deal with a huge number of them all at once. Having a cleaning routine can make your domestic cleaning a lot easier, as it allows you to manage your time easier and more efficiently.

Get others involved – cleaning is so much easier if you can get help from others. You most certainly do not have to bother with all of the cleaning tasks at home on your own, since the benefits of house clean will affect everyone living there. Make sure your family understands this as you ask them for help and include them in your cleaning routine. You will soon see how easy and stress-free cleaning is. In case you are living alone, you can always consider hiring a professional cleaning service.

Clean with music – music can be of great help to your cleaning. Play your favourite artist on your stereo or headphones and you will find how much fun cleaning can be. You will feel less tired; on the contrary, you will feel full of energy and you will want to move around the rooms and dance to your preferred tunes. Domestic cleaning can be a lot of fun with music.

Remind yourself of the benefits – cleaning may be tiring and it does take time, which you would rather spend doing something else, but it is necessary. It is the only way to make sure no dangerous allergens lurk in your carpets, curtains and upholstery. Remind yourself how good the environment of your home feels when you perform a thorough spring cleaning and you will feel more inclined to start this chore again.

Start off small and take regular breaks – if there is a lot to do, you don’t have to do it all at once. Your cleaning service is not a professional job after all, so you don’t have to be quick about it. Make it a habit of taking a break every 1-2 hours, so that you do not tire from the work. 

Follow any of these tips to turn your cleaning into an easy and even pleasurable experience. If you implement these suggestions in your cleaning routine, you will feel much more inclined to clean and be more effective at it too! 

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4 Jaw-Dropping Fictional Cars You Wish You Owned

Today's new cars come with all manner of whiz-bang features that were once the realm of science fiction writers' imaginations, such as 4G wireless hotspots and even autonomous self-driving technology. Car designers likely would never have come up with some of these ideas without the crazy inventions found on fictional cars from the movies and television.

Today, Anchorage Auto Electric & Classic Muffler presents some of the wildest fictional cars of all time, any of which we would love to park in our own personal garages.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

The real star of the Dick Van Dyke family film by the same name, the car Chitty Chitty Bang Bang got its name from the trademark huffing and puffing sounds its engine makes. With the ability to sprout flotation devices and turn into a boat as well as deploy wings for impromptu airplane flights, the sentient race car made an otherwise ordinary comedy film into one of the top car movies of all time.

The car was created specifically for the movie, and only one of the examples built was full-size and road-legal. That car sold at auction for $805,000 in 2011 to film director Peter Jackson, who had plans to use it for charity fundraising events.


Those who grew up watching television in the 1980s are sure to be familiar with the Knight Industries Two Thousand, better known as KITT. This heavily retrofitted 1982 Pontiac Trans Am was portrayed to contain a crime-fighting artificial intelligence unit along with several outlandish upgrades not commonly found on real production cars such as a Turbo Boost feature for jumping over roadblocks, a molecular bonded shell that allowed it to be impervious to gunfire and even explosions, and a sophisticated sensor system that allowed it to "see" the road ahead. The talking, wisecracking KITT was as much a star as the series' lead actor David Hasselhoff.

James Bond's Aston Martin DB5

James Bond has driven some very cool cars throughout the super spy film series' illustrious run, but none were more impressive than the classic Aston Martin DB5 that made its debut in 1964's Goldfinger. The real DB5 came with a 272-horsepower 4.0-liter V-8 engine and five-speed manual transmission, allowing drivers to take best advantage of its sinuous good looks.

Bond's version, of course, got some special upgrades: a smokescreen, a retractable rear license plate, an oil dispenser to foil the attempts of would-be pursuers, and even an ejector seat. The DB5 set the stage for a decades-long product placement relationship between Aston and the Bond film series producers, one that continues to this day.

Back to the Future DeLorean

Even the 1,200-horsepower Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, although it is the fastest car in the world, does not have the ability to travel through time. That has left gearheads and film buffs coveting the oddball DeLorean more than any other fictional car. The story of the actual DeLorean Motor Company and its cocaine-dealing founder John DeLorean is an odd one. The unpainted, stainless steel-bodied sports car came with vertically rising "gullwing" doors and a design unlike anything that had come before it.

Real-world drivers would need to get their hands on a flux capacitor to make time travel possible, if one existed, but movie replica DeLorean time machine cars show up from time to time on the streets of Hollywood with Doc Brown impersonators behind the wheel.

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Three Business Optimization Strategies You Should Implement Right Now

These days, many corporate leaders and entrepreneurs are interested in optimizing the function of their businesses. If this is the case for you, it's important to note that there are several business optimization techniques you can utilize to make it happen. To get started on the right foot, be sure to try the following organization enhancement tips and tricks: 

1. Get Great Garage Products. 

Irrespective of the industry you work in, you'll likely find yourself in need of garage products at some point. Whether you need Geneva garage cabinets, toolboxes, or something else, it's critically important that you purchase your goods from the right company. A good company will have a fair return policy, a good reputation, and a consistent track record. When you start your search for the ideal garage cabinet company, keep a great business like Garage Appeal in mind. This company has extensive industry experience and a wide range of wonderful products that will likely suit your professional purpose. 

2. Invest In Digital Advertising Services. 

Another strategy you should implement in order to ensure that your business is optimized is investing in digital advertising services. These services are important for many reasons, including the fact that more and more people are going online to buy the goods and services they want. With this idea in mind, it's critically important that you have a first class internet marketing campaign in place. To ensure that you can get the professional, efficacious assistance you need, consider hiring a team of learned, experienced marketing mavens to help you. Some of the services a stellar digital advertising company will be able to offer include: search engine optimization, social media optimization, online reputation management, e-newsletters, calls to action, link building, content creation, keyword analysis, research and analytics, and more. 

3. Become A Thought Leader. 

The third strategy you can implement in order to push your company further forward is to become a thought leader in your industry. A thought leader is an individual who is perceived to have extensive knowledge and experience within their field of work. Oftentimes, people are more willing to do business with a company upon realizing that the organization head is a thought leader within the field. To become one, invest your time in reading contemporary literature that pertains to important issues within your sector. Also make a point to publish within your field regularly and participate in lectures, conferences, debates, etc. 


If you're a business owner who wants to push your company into a deeper degree of excellence and expansion this year, note that there's a systematic way that you can realize your goal. By consistently implementing some or all of the company enhancement techniques discussed here, you will likely find that your business starts moving forward with lightning speed.

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