Sunday, November 26, 2017

The top 5 tips to getting glass repaired on a budget


If you have ever had to repair or replace your windshield, then you know it doesn’t come cheap. Unfortunately, your windshield can get cracked regardless of whether you are a good driver or not. That’s because even a piece of debris from another car on the highway is enough to crack it. That’s why you need to always prepare yourself for windshield repairs, without having to break the bank. To help out on this, here are 5 tips to getting glass repaired on a budget.

1. Shop for discounts
When looking to repair your windshield, don’t rush for the first offer you get. Shop around for different offers. You will be surprised to realize that there are many glass repair experts out there that can give you great discounts. For instance, offers great discounts for windshield repairs, while at the same time connecting you to the best glass professionals in your locality. That’s a deal you would not get if you just go online and randomly pick any glass repair expert.

2. Check your insurance on windshield repairs
While your windshield is usually covered under comprehensive insurance, don’t rush to get it deducted from your cover. Compare the amount that your insurance deducts for this versus how much you would pay if you were to take care of the repairs yourself. If the cost of personal repair is lower, do not run it through your insurance. On the flip side, if the damage is too big, then it might be more cost effective to do it through your insurance company. After all, the whole idea is to do the repairs at the lowest cost possible.

3. Talk to people who have done repairs before
One thing you should always realize is that nobody has a monopoly of knowledge. There is always someone out there who knows something that you don’t know. Windshield repair is no exception.  Talk to people who have repaired their windshields before. They will give you an idea of the best deals in your area. You may also check online reviews for the best deals on windshield repairs, to get a clue on what are the best deals within your locality.

4. Repair any minor cracks once you notice them
One of the reasons why many people end up paying lots of money for glass repair is because, they ignore small cracks that later balloon into big and expensive to repair cracks.  Repairing small cracks is quite cheap, and will also ensure that your windshield goes for a long time without requiring any major repairs or even a replacement, which is quite expensive.

5. Choose a company that can come to your premises
When shopping for a company that can help you repair your windshield, go for one that can send a technician to your premises. This will cut on fuel and other costs that you may otherwise incur if you were to go with one that requires you to drive to their premises. You will be surprised at how much you can save, as compared to driving all the way to a glass repair shop that maybe halfway around town.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

4 Ways that Instagram video marketing can help your business

Ever since social networking sites emerged and took the whole world by storm, people have begun to rely on them for a lot of things. First, it was just for staying connected with people, especially for friends and families that are countries apart and living in different time zones. Then business advertisements came, where marketers and owners tried to connect and extend their market abroad. Then finally, Instagram came where high-quality photos and videos with captions are the main tools for connecting with each other. And ever since then, Instagram has become a great platform for business marketing and advertisements. To further elaborate, here are 4 ways that Instagram can help your business grow by Buy Video Views.


1. Extend your Reach

Instagram is a very popular social networking site, with over 500 million active users and over 2 billion of photos being shared every day. With these staggering numbers, the potential reach of your posted video advertisements can be limitless. As long as it is relevant and is well-created, it can reach Instagram users as far you don’t where. Therefore, if you want to reach out and promote your products, then doing it on a platform such as Instagram where photos and videos are of top priority is the best way. Remember that, pictures and videos are the only proof of the quality of your product if you are promoting it on the internet.

2. Cheaper Advertisement Fees

If you try to compare the expenses you will incur if you promote your product the traditional way - using radios, print ads, and even television to just creating an Instagram account and then paying a fee for your advertisement space, then the difference will be off the charts, to the point of it being unfair. Furthermore, the reach of the traditional advertisement will be at most at the national level, whereas, the reach of Instagram can reach up to over 10s of million active and unique users of the social networking site.

3. Stay connected with your clients

Instagram is still a bonafide social networking site where people can communicate and engage with each other. Thus, with your Instagram videos and advertisements, you would be able to stay in touch and at the same time, get feedback and comments from your loyal clients and followers. You can even engage in real-time constructive conversations with your followers by taking advantage of the site’s private messaging system or the popular comment threads.

4. Instagram videos are the trend today

And the greatest benefit that Instagram videos can bring to your business is that everybody wants and trusts Instagram videos. In fact, according to a survey, mobile users most, of the time rely on Instagram videos when searching for business products and services. This is because videos utilize photos, text, and even voice. And with such elements, users can be convinced thoroughly about the product's features and specifications. Therefore, as long as your video has relevant content and is backed-up with trending hashtags and unforgettable captions then your advertisement will most likely reach every Instagram user out there.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

3 Ways that CCTV Camera Solutions can help your company

CCTV Camera

CCTV cameras, or closed circuit television solutions have been used for several years to help protect a company from theft and dishonest claims. It is due to the increased technology in regards to security cameras that many companies are able to catch a theft while it is happening which greatly decreases crime rates. If you do not have a security system intact, you may be losing a great deal of money on an annual basis due to theft, employee time theft, and other misconduct. This article will highlight some of the ways that investing in CCTV camera solutions can help your company.

  1. Decrease and prevent thefts from occurring. Did you know that just by having a CCTV setup in your shop or company warehouse that you can deter thefts of dishonest behavior from occurring? It is true. There is much research that has been conducted that verifies that those who are likely to steal or behave in a dishonest manner are often deterred from doing is if they believe that they are being watched by a surveillance camera. Companies save hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year by installing these type of cameras to monitor their store or company.

  1. Keep an eye on employee behavior. While you want to trust all of your employees to do a good job and to act in an honest manner at all times, it may be necessary to install CCTV cameras in the stock room, break room, and other areas that your employees frequent often. The reason for this is that you may think that your employees are honest and are doing a good job, but what if they are not clocking out for lunch until 10 minutes after their lunch break has begun? Over a week’s time, this can cost you an hour of wages. While this may not seem like much, it can add up over time. In addition, if all of your employees are doing this, you could be losing a great deal of money by paying wages for time not worked.

  1. Save on your insurance policy. Insurance companies are apt to give you a discount on your premiums if you employ a security system. The reason for this is that the security system will cut back on your losses which in the end will save your insurance company a good amount of money as well. In addition, installing security cameras in and around your company can help you file a claim if there is damage done to your property. This video will help to catch whoever caused the damage and will be useful when submitting the claim to your insurance company for reimbursement.

There are many ways that you can save your company money and one of the easiest ways is by investing in a CCTV camera solution system for the interior and exterior of your property. These cameras will not only deter and prevent losses from happening, but they can also serve as a great resource should you need video footage as proof in a case.

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Rubbish Clearance The Ecologically Friendly Way With Clearabee

Very few of us are aware of the rubbish that we throw away on a daily basis. The plight of the eco-warrior remains unheralded even after the glaring effects of climatic changes around the world continue to warn us. In his documentary, “Before the Flood,” Leonardo DiCaprio travels around the world documenting the effects of our careless waste disposal methods among other things that impacting global change. The documentary was a depiction of the dishonorable manner in which we are crippling the continent.

Responsible rubbish disposal and minimizing the amount of waste you throw away may seem like an overwhelming task; until you get an idea of how much you contribute to the waste problem. A survey done in a suburb in North London found that residents in the neighborhood throw away at least 5 times their weight each year. If you think about it, you probably are doing the same numbers or probably go beyond this. Even though it was alarming for the residents to learn about their rubbish problem, the guilt was followed by frustration. There seems to be very little to do that will change the cycle.

Packaging is the main reason you have so much waste to throw away

One of the main reasons it would be hard to change from throwing away 5 times your weight is because half the time you are left with no choice. As much as 50% of the waste from households comes from packaging. Plastic packaging is notoriously the most used type and no one can blame you for liking products with laminated wrapping more; after all, it keeps the contents together even after unwrapping.  

Over the holidays, this number skyrockets as people are cooking more, wrapping and unwrapping more, and buying even more. The downside of it is that while plastic can be recycled into plenty other things, it is not the easiest material to recycle. Besides, manufactures dealing with rubbish removal are avoiding plastic waste since it produces fumes that are too toxic.

Recycling plastic waste costs a lot if you are focusing on the short-term, which is another reason most companies will keep away from plastic waste at whatever cost or go for burying or burning it. However, in the long-term, it saves hundreds of dollars per ton. Besides, it lessens the need for raw materials in manufacturing.

Breaking bad habits 

If you look at the contents of your bin with a keen eye, you will feel compelled to make a change. Just by observing how much waste ends up in there in a week, you will get incentivized to slash the amount of waste around the house. 

The first thing that needs a change is buying habits. You can choose to go for recyclable packaging when buying and swapping plastic products with other materials whenever possible. The other aspect of it is replacing all the plastics around the house with bamboo and other safer materials, all through the house, from toothbrushes to cotton buds and plastic pegs.


Smart rubbish removal

In many places, rubbish removal is adopting a new approach that ensures people switch from excessive rubbish disposal to a minimum that is manageable. City councils as well as rubbish removal companies are incentivizing residents to watch how much they dispose. In one part of London, the city council rewards residents with tax cuts for their responsible garbage disposal habits. In other instances, residents pay a rubbish removal company to collect their recyclable waste and sell it off as compost.

Clearabee is part of the movement 

At Clearabee, there is a dedication to positively impact the world around us. Clearabee has adopted practices that help the community around it manage waste better. They are able to deal with any type of waste from both the commercial and household settings.

For most people, the biggest hurdle that stands in their way while thinking about changing is the change of lifestyle. However, as you will come to notice, you can actually find a lot of ways that won’t need you to miss out on your favorites in the store. Clearabee is also there to support client moves toward curbing the waste problem and offer good advice about simple methods of keeping your environment cleaner.