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Varicose Vein Treatment: Does Inflammation Cause Varicose Veins?

varicose veins

In medical science, cause and effect can sometimes be difficult to sort out. For example, medical researchers and vein doctors know there is a strong association between inflammation and chronic venous disease (varicose veins). However, by the time doctors see patients to evaluate them for varicose vein treatment, they usually already have both varicose veins (sometimes hidden) and inflammation. Since the association already exists, it's hard to know which came first. Did the inflammation cause the varicose vein disease or did the varicose vein disease bring on the inflammation?

It's important to know which comes first, inflammation or varicose vein disease, in order to proceed with certain types of varicose vein treatment. If inflammation is causing the disease, it may be best to first treat the inflammation to slow the progression of the disease and to get a clearer picture of which varicose veins need to be treated first, second, and third. It may be that a vein doctor would want to do a separate duplex ultrasound test before and after the inflammation is brought under control to see if there are any changes in the structure of the vein walls and in the venous reflux (blood flowing backwards in the veins) after the inflammation is cleared up.

There's also a third possibility with regards to a correlation between the presence of varicose veins and inflammation. It could be that inflammation does not directly cause the initiation of varicose vein disease but plays a role in exacerbating the condition once it has started. If this is true, it would still be therapeutic to the varicose vein disease to treat the inflammation, perhaps even before other procedures like laser varicose vein treatment or sclerotherapy are performed.

An intriguing paper was published recently (February 2018) by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh, School of Medicine, Division of Vascular Surgery. The paper was entitled, "Suppressed Networks of Inflammatory Mediators Characterize Chronic Venous Insufficiency," and was published in the Journal of Vascular Surgery: Venous and Lymphatic Disorders. This is one of the premiere journals for research related to varicose vein treatment and other closely related chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) issues so the best research in the field tends to get published in this prestigious peer reviewed journal.

This important paper would be a bit technical for the average person seeking varicose vein treatment evaluation so here is a synopsis of the most important points. The researchers compared the "inflammatory mediators" circulating in the blood of people who had no signs of varicose vein disease to those who had early to mid stage varicose vein disease. In the patients with the disease, they were still early enough in the disease stage to be considered "benign," meaning they did not experience significant physical symptoms, i.e. symptoms that lowered the quality of life, but duplex ultrasound clearly showed signs of varicose vein disease. Inflammatory mediators are chemicals in the blood that are known to be associated with a response to inflammation, thus they indicate the presence of inflammation.

The results of the study were highly significant. Four major interconnected inflammatory mediators were found in much higher amounts in patients who had early stage varicose vein disease versus those who had no signs of varicose vein disease. The results seem to suggest that inflammation may cause varicose vein disease, or at least exacerbate it, by not allowing structural damage of vein walls and vein valves to ever heal properly in the earliest stages of varicose vein disease. The researchers indicate in this paper that larger scale studies, similar in design to what they did, need to be done to further address the cause and effect relationship between inflammation and varicose vein disease. However, this research already suggests that treating inflammation early on could, at minimum, help slow down the progression of the disease. Further, reducing inflammation may even be effective in preventing varicose vein disease altogether!

If you seek the help of a vein doctor, he or she may very well put you on a prescription based anti-inflammatory pharmaceutical. Alternately, your doctor may simply suggest an over the counter anti-inflammatory medication you can take. At the same time, you can also try preventing inflammation with natural remedies. Vitamin D and omega-3 have both been shown in recent research to reduce inflammation and strengthen the immune system and most Americans are critically low on both. Therefore, taking these anti-inflammatory supplements may help. You can also try cutting back on sugar and carbonated drinks which both tend to cause inflammation in the body.

The best way to know if you need varicose vein treatment, and perhaps treatment for inflammation of your veins, is to seek a professional evaluation at a varicose vein treatment specialty clinic like Metro Vein Centers. Visual inspection, a detailed interview, and most importantly, a duplex ultrasound test, conducted by experts, will let you know for sure where you stand. You can get a free evaluation by Metro Vein Centers just by giving them a call and setting up an appointment. You do not need to get a referral from your family physician or from your insurance company for this free evaluation.

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Lost social security card? 3 things to do right away to get a new one

Social Security Card - Illustration

Losing your social security card can be a scary thing. You might start panicking and wondering what to do next though you shouldn’t get there. Most times, you just need to remember your number and not present it physically so you won’t feel the pressure to get it replaced. You might need it if you get a new job or if your employer asks to see it.

If you don’t know the procedure used to make the replacement, you can visit website for more information.

Below are three things you can do immediately to get a new social security card:

1. Protect Yourself

In today’s digital age, identity theft is happening more frequently. Once you lose your card, it is important that you take the necessary precautionary measures to protect yourself. Immediately you know that your card is lost, you should put a freeze on your credit reports so that someone doesn’t open new accounts with your name. This can also prevent someone from accessing your credit.

You should avoid carrying the card around with you unless it is necessary and you will need to have it in person. One way to have the number is to take a photo of it and save it to your mobile phone. Avoid putting your number in a public place where others can see it like on your health insurance card. Your driving license number shouldn’t be the same as your Social Security number.

2. Make Sure You Have the Right Documents

The first step you need to follow when applying for a replacement is to make sure that your papers are in order so that they can make sure that you have proof of citizenship. Documents that will be accepted to show that you are a U.S citizen are your birth certificate, passport, certificate of citizenship and a certificate of naturalization.

If you are not a U.S Citizen, they might need your U.S driving license, U.S Passport, or a state-issued ID. Failure to produce these documents means you can’t make the replacement within ten days. The Social Security Administration might require you to provide your Employer’s card, school ID, Health Insurance Card, or an Adoption Decree.

You must produce original documents or copies which have been certified by the agency that issued them. If you go with a receipt which shows that you applied for the papers, they will not be accepted.

3. Make the Application

Once you have all the documents ready, you can now start the process of making the application. Keep in mind that you can send your application documents through the mail, or you can do it online.

Some states don’t accept applications which are sent through the mail but will take them if you drop them in person. Before making the registration, make sure you confirm if your State is one of them. Also, send them by certified mail so that you can be alerted when the documents are received.

When making the application online, your records in the Social Security database will be verified with your U.S citizenship records.  
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Saturday, March 03, 2018

5 Reasons to Get Involved With Network Marketing

network marketing

Network marketing is the kind of business model which relies on a network of distributors to be able to grow the business. Network marketing is a business model which has become increasingly popular recently because it offers a chance for business to grow. There are several reasons as to why a business or an organization may opt to get involved with Network Marketing.

1. Great Flexibility

Networking marketing offers a lot of flexibility; this means that you get a chance to build your business in your own terms. This also means that you are able to set the hours that you want to work. This gives you a leverage to determine the hours that you work and determine the kind of connections that you establish. The networking marketing also offers a sense of convenience since you get to be your own boss. In the traditional work setting you have to work 9 to 5 or even work overtime, however in networking marketing

2. Low Upfront Investment

The other important reason as to why any business person needs to get involved in networking marketing is that it does not require of initial capital. This is unlike other forms of marketing which requires a lot of money to start and sustain. In other marketing format, one needs to have a lump sum of money especially if the marketing will involve media outlets such as Television or the print media which can be quite expensive.

3. Rapid Growth

Networking marketing is one of the fastest growing modes of marketing and when done right it has the potential of growing exponentially of any business. The networking marketing especially today in the age of internet can reach very many people in a very short time. The reason for this is that with the internet there is no constraint either geographically and you can sell your brand or business globally.

4. It offers Passive  Income

Passive residual income is one of the biggest benefits of using the networking marketing. This is because you get others to do the work for you. Residual income will come from the network that one has built and the good thing about the residual income is that it increases as the network increases. The marketing network will be making the owner money even when there is no direct effort on his part. The members of your network will not need any supervision and will be generating income on your behalf. Basically there is no limit to the amount you can earn with network marketing.

5. Offers diversification opportunities

Network marketing when done right can offer diversification opportunities. This is because as you build you network and increase your reach to a bigger group you can be able to diversify. This is because; as your network grows you get an expanded pool of people with expertise. The diversification can be in your line of business where your network can help you venture into new markets and at the same time increase your revenue stream. One of the top sites which can offer you great ideas and insights into diversification is

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

5 Tips to living in luxury

You don’t have to be born into a royal family in order to live a life of luxury. In fact, you don’t even have to be entirely rich to live in luxury. There are many ways to live in luxury depending on how you define the term. Luxury can mean living in an extravagant home and having the latest and greatest things. Luxury can also mean living a sustainable lifestyle in an environment that is serene and brings great tranquility to one’s life. Regardless of your income status, you too can live a life of luxury. This article will highlight some helpful tips to living in luxury in 2018.

Vacation often by renting a villa. No matter where you live in the world, you should take a vacation at least once a year so that you can let loose and have some fun. One of the best places to rent a villa is in the French Riviera. If you don't know where to rent a villa in the French Riviera, the is a great resource that can help you find a property that will be perfect for your trip.

Fly first class. When traveling to the French Riviera, or anywhere for that matter, flying first class is a great way to live a luxurious life. Flying first class gives you comfortable seating with ample room and a great deal of fine foods to choose from. In addition, you can have your choice of wonderful beverages. If you are taking an overnight flight, many first class seats offer the ability to turn your chair into a bed so that you can get a good night of sleep.

Hire a driver. When you are traveling, one of the best ways to live in luxury is to hire a driver to take you about. Having a driver will take the stress off of you having to drive around the city and find parking when you arrive at your destination.

Wear the latest fashions. When you live in luxury, you can afford to own the latest fashions and accessories. Shoes, clothes, and jewelry are all things that a fashionista must have to look and feel like a member of the high class society.

Be social. Part of living a life of luxury is being a socialite. Being known for having exquisite parties is quite good for your reputation. If hosting parties is not your scene, consider hosting a tea or garden lunch so that you can show off your beautiful flower beds. A pool party may also be a fun way to enjoy time with others in your social circle.

Living a life of luxury can take on many forms. Whether you enjoy traveling or staying at home, there are many ways to enjoy a life of luxury. Hiring a driver, hosting parties, flying first class, and wearing the latest fashions are all way stop demonstrate your wealth and luxurious lifestyle without having to say a word about it.