School Schedule: How to Manage Your Time While Getting a Degree

With regards to studying, managing your time is of great importance. To manage time efficiently, you need some level of organization and persistence. When you don't properly control time, old habits will consume your schedule and place limits on accomplishments. With there being so much to do and keep track of in school, powerful time management skills can make all of the difference. Here are some great tips on how to manage your time while getting a degree. 

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Create a List of Priorities

Before each school week starts, prepare a weekly priority list that takes into consideration both brief and long term goals. List the things you would like to achieve throughout the week. Identify what should be read, reviewed, or composed of before every class. List the chapters and pages that must be read. Review long term duties, and establish a time for preparation. Comprise library time for research if you have been assigned a term paper, and use your weekly precedence list to break down long-term assignments into manageable bits and also to track progress.

Stay Organized

Getting organized is essential in order to avoid squandering precious time as a college student. As you'll be registered in a number of courses and it is vital you arrange your classes and study sessions in a way that makes it simple for you to get to them. Discover an organizational system that works for you, for example obtaining a different binder or folder for every class.

Have a Set Time to Study for Each Class

Studying every day is essential. When you do have an exam, it makes preparation for the exam a lot easier, and you are not forced to cram in all the information at once. Create a schedule with the number of days you must study for a test. A lot of people learn at different speeds, and some can prepare for an exam within days while for others, it may take weeks. No matter how long you have studied for the exam, what matters most is that you feel confident enough to do well on the test.

Plan Ahead

Do you have a big research paper due the last week of class? Work backwards in your calendar and find out just how much time you will need to prepare for it. Calculate how much time you will need to study the material, and how much time will be required to choose a topic. If you think you need six weeks to complete the research paper, work backwards from your deadline and schedule the time in your calendar before it is too late.

Build in Flexibility

An adult student will reap the benefits of a flexible mindset and agenda. As you think about school requirements and having a life filled with many obligations, you may even want to consider web-based classes because of the scheduling flexibility. Getting your engineering degree online will allow you to decide when and where the class material will be acquired. Web-based classes also allow the flexibility in building extra time to handle unforeseen challenges. The flexibility can not only help with managing your time but also improve your grade performance.

As a college student, you have a lot to keep track of, and finding the time to get everything done can be a challenge. Take the time now to prepare a schedule. Even if you have a brief yearly outline on hand, you will be able to better track your time and make room for all your obligations. Hopefully this year will be your most successful yet.

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Five Questions About Pregnancy You Were Afraid To Ask

Pregnancy can be scary, even if you were planning on starting a family. During pregnancy, a woman's body undergoes many different changes and if it’s the first time, these changes can be strange and terrifying. Listed below are five questions about pregnancy many of us are too afraid to ask.

Will Sex Hurt During Pregnancy?

At the beginning of your pregnancy, especially during the first two trimesters, you will not notice a difference during sex. Your breasts will begin to get more tender, but otherwise, sex will feel much the same. During the third trimester of your pregnancy, you may feel an uncomfortable sensation while having sex because the baby has dropped lower. 

What Can I Do About Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are common during pregnancy, and you can take steps to stay comfortable. Ice packs coupled with warm baths help ease the pain and can make you more comfortable when they do occur. Drinking plenty of water and eating high fiber foods also help if you want to avoid them altogether.

Why Have I Suddenly Become Incontinent?

Sneezing, coughing, and laughing can make pregnant women feel as if they’ve suddenly lost all control. Incontinence during pregnancy is a result of excess pressure on the pelvis. Pelvic exercises can help with this, but it is an issue you may have to deal with throughout pregnancy. If the problem persists long after you’ve had the baby, your doctor should be notified. 

Will I Poop When I Go To Push The Baby Out?

Having the sensation to poop while pushing during labor is normal. It is also common for women to poop a little during the pushing stages of labor, but it is not likely you will be aware of the fact. Don’t get too embarrassed though, it’s pretty common and according to a high risk pregnancy specialist Dr. Gilbert W Webb, most nurses and doctors have seen this and many other issues before, and nurses can quickly and discreetly clean the mess up without you ever noticing it happened.

Will My Vagina Ever Look The Same After Giving Birth?

The vagina will feel bruised and beaten after giving birth naturally. The opening of your vagina may always look different and a little bit wider after giving birth. You can do pelvic exercises to help you get your pelvic muscles back to par, and your pelvis should return to normal after approximately six months.

These are five questions of many that you may be afraid to ask about pregnancy. You should never be embarrassed to speak with your doctor about anything though, because they have seen and dealt with most anything you will ask about. Pregnancy can be nerve wracking all by itself, but getting the answers to the questions you are afraid to ask should never be.

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What Learning Style Best Suits You?

The way each person absorbs and retains information is different – it doesn’t matter how you were brought up, or how you were taught to learn.The trouble is many people will go all their lives without ever isolating what their signature style is. Below are some insightful hints as to what learning style might just suit you best.

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In Your Own Time

You can’t be forced to learn something, especially at a pace that overwhelms you. Self-learners are those people that like all the information at hand, and may have trouble absorbing anything productive in a classroom situation. You may also be someone who is easily distracted if you are not fully prepared to be focused on a topic at that particular moment. Distance or online learning through websites such as Evocca College are an ideal choice for these type of thinkers.

Visual Prompts

Colours and images are an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to learning and information recognition. They have the ability to make subconscious associations with both previous knowledge and emotional responses. This visual learning style will suit you best if you find diagrams, drawings, and highlighting text useful tools. If you’re a visual learner, make sure you always include these types of prompts when you’re studying. For example, find a picture that best fits the topic you’re learning about, and use colours and diagrams around this to break down the information.


Learning by practical means is another very common style that might just be the perfect fit for you. Take a look at the way you communicate with people. Do you use a lot of hand gestures or find yourself acting out situations when describing something? Do you find by physically making or pulling apart something that you have a greater understanding of how it works? If this is you then you’re someone who learns by experiencing a situation for yourself. If you’re inundated with a lot of written information, try applying a real-life situation/example to these details.

A Good Listener

If you’re someone who interprets learning material best by watching and listening, then make sure you own this style. Listen carefully if someone is discussing a topic, and even record it for playback at a later time.The classroom style learning environments, demonstration videos, or recorded lectures should all be utilised for this style of learning. This also applies to your own study. Instead of reviewing just your notes, record yourself talking through them instead, and put it on repeat.

The hard thing about learning is that many teachers, as well as yourself, might not realise in what environments or by what styles you learn the best. Fortunately there has been a lot more study conducted into various learning styles, and many more institutions and schools are absorbing them into their own teaching practices. If you haven’t already defined what your learning style is, try and lock it down. As learning in a way that doesn’t fit will only make you stressed at not being able to retain the information, and even avoid learning and study altogether.

What are some techniques you have introduced for yourself to match your own learning style? Write your responses in the space below.

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Superior Safety Options for Your Home

Even people who live in safe places need to be concerned about home safety. Newspapers have articles every day about crimes committed in the best of neighborhoods. In order to protect your home and your family, it is important to know your home safety options and select the ones that best meet your needs.

Home Safes

Home safes are an important part of home security. Many people find that they feel safer with valuable objects and important documents locked away. These safes are often fireproof and environment-proof, in addition to burglar-proof. They can be bought with normal locks, combination locks, and even digital locks.

Safe Home Design

There are a few ways to make your home safer that do not involve a great deal of expense. First, keep the outdoor lights working and in good repair. Consider installing extra lighting on the sides of your home or anywhere that there are heavy shadows at night. In addition, remove any heavy shrubbery and garden features that give criminals a place to hide. Burglars and other criminals will choose a home where they can work without being seen over one that is well-lit and highly visible.

Lock and Key Options

All modern homes have locks and keys, but these are not all created equally. A good lock and key system is installed and maintained by a professional. For people who wish to have more security, digital locks from places like Affordable Lock Services Inc. may be a better option.

Home Security Cameras

While home security cameras do not stop criminals in themselves, they can be an immense deterrent to crime. No burglar wants to commit a crime while on camera. Just the presence of a camera along with a few small signs indicating that a video camera is present can send criminals running.

Home Security Systems

Many people don't realize that there are many different kinds of home security systems. One does not have to have a fully alarmed home with motion sensors in order to have a safe and functioning home security system. There are systems that have alarms that only go off when a window or door has been opened without a code, as well as systems that detect any motion in a home and yard.

There are a variety of options for home safety. It is important to choose the one that will keep your family and home safe without being a strain on your budget.

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