Practical Advise For People Going Through A Divorce

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Getting a divorce is a traumatic time for everybody involved. If you have decided to divorce your husband, you need some advice. Going through this period alone will be tough. You should make sure that you have the help and support of your family around you before you do anything. Your social support will be important during this period. After the divorce, you might not feel like yourself. Loads of people say that they feel lost in the first few weeks after a separation. Here is some practical advice that might help.

Get some space

Of course, you want space from your ex, but you need space from everybody else too. When you have gone through a divorce, everybody has something to say about it. Before you face people, you should take some time to be alone. You will need to answer loads of questions when you see people. For now, you should take some time to think about what has happened. Book yourself a mini-break or take a few days away from home. You need to decide how you feel before you talk to everybody else.

Divide your belongings

Dividing your belongings can be messy. If you have agreed on a settlement, you know who gets what. When it comes to the house, you might want to consider buying your ex-husband out of the home. If he agrees, you can keep the house. The main problem with buying someone out is that it is expensive. If neither of you can afford to buy the other out, you may need to sell the house. Selling property at auction could mean that you get a quick sale on your home. That means that you don't have to wait to get your share of the money.

Talk to the children

Talking to your children about divorce is tricky. The last thing you want to do is tell them negative things about their father. You might feel bitter right now. You might hate your ex and want to hurt him. None of that matters. When you talk to your children, you need to stay calm and neutral. Tell them about that you both still love them and work out a plan so that they can have regular contact with their dad. One major mistake that many women make is preventing their children from seeing their dad. It might be tempting to try and spite your ex right now, but you will regret that decision later.

Avoid family functions

If somebody invites you to a family function, you should avoid going. One of the things people find difficult when they divorce is avoiding one another. When you see each other, you will start arguing. If you can't be civil around one another, you should make an effort to avoid one another. Of course, this method won't work forever. You have mutual friends, and you have children. That means that you need to be part of one another's life. For now, take some time away from your ex, until you're ready to be friends.

Stop blaming and start talking

Don't ask why things happened or what went wrong. You can blame tiny details in your marriage or your ex, but what is the point in that? Instead, you should talk about things. Expressing your feelings to the people around you will help you to get some perspective. Don't sit around talking about your ex and saying hurtful things. When people say negative things, they feel negative. Instead, start talking about how you're feeling. Talk to a close friend or family member. He or she will give you some advice.

Lovingly written by Joy

How to neutralise the unpleasant odours coming from your air conditioner

Having an air conditioner in your home is a commodity that facilitate a lot your life. You can easily make your room warmer or colder, with a click on the button. The advancement of the technologies has allowed us to take advantage of more and more modern gadgets and the air conditioner is definitely one of the best inventions of the century. However, the everyday use of this machine is inevitably contributed by some problems that you will experience if you have at least one air conditioner in your home. One of the most common problems is the bad smell that often comes from the air conditioners due to variety of reasons. If you wonder why this happens and how to manage with this problem, read the following tips that will help you to win the battle against the nasty odours coming from your air conditioner.

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If you take into account the advice that we will offer, you will enjoy the cosiness of the home environment without being disturbed in any way.

Clean the air conditioning unit on regular basis

We advise you to do this more often and you will avoid the bad smells in your home. For the purpose put on some latex gloves and get rid of all the debris that you can reach. When you have cleaned everything, you can use a foaming coil cleaner to put on the air conditioner's coil. Then wait for about 15-20 minutes so that every piece of dirt could be removed. The final step is to rinse until the water runs perfectly clear. If you can't deal with this you could hire a company like Pt Maintenance Carpets W5 to do that for you.

Take up with the cleaning of the drain pan

To clean completely the drain pan, you need to find the drain or drip pan and to wash it in a careful manner with soapy and hot water. Another option is to clean it with bleach solution and then wait for the pan to dry.

Check the filters of the air conditioner

You have been probably been informed that you need to replace the filters of your air conditioner on regular basis. If, however your unit has reusable filters you need to clean them with soapy water and to rinse them with a solution of bleach and water. Look carefully if there is a mildew or mold on the filters that you use.

Check the size of the air conditioner

Your air conditioner needs to fit ideally in the size of the room. If, for example, the cooling capacity is more than the required for the room space, there could appear unpleasant smell coming from the air conditioner. This is due to the fact that machines that are larger than required cannot perform the cooling function in the right way. As a consequence, the growth of mold is not something that could surprise you.

These are some essential tips that could help for getting rid of the nasty odours that come from the air conditioners in your home. If you provide a regular cleaning and maintenance of the units of the machine, we guarantee that you won't experience further problems with the air conditioner. You can also look for some professional assistance if you find it difficult to perform the cleaning procedures on your own. The musty smells can be effectively removed by following these simple steps for taking care of your air conditioner. If you provide regular cleaning you will avoid further problems with the air conditioner and you will be able to feel the comfort of your home  both in  Summer and in Winter. The fight against the bad smells is possible by devoting some time and making of the efforts that are required.

Lovingly written by Joy

The Willie Evangelista Guide for House Cleaning

Most of us hate cleaning because it’s tedious and sometimes, it consumes most of our time in a day. It gets really insane to do things in a fast-paced manner without compromising our other household chores.

But worry not, we’ve got you covered as we are about to spill genius hacks that will forever change how you clean your house.

1. Blender Cleaner

It’s actually easy peasy to clean the blender. Simply fill it up with warm water and drop little amount of dish soap. Turn it on and blend for a few seconds and then dump, rinse with clean water, and dry it.

2. Dishwasher Deep Cleaner

Built in dishwasher
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Run your dishwasher on the highest temperature with a cup of vinegar on the top shelf. Afterwards, sprinkle some baking soda on the bottom and run it again. Now, your dishwasher is immaculately clean!

3. Mattress

Pour some vodka into an empty spray bottle, spritz lightly across your mattress and then leave it to air-dry. The alcohol content of the vodka will precisely kill the odor causing bacteria.

4. Sponge

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Sanitize your sponge by microwaving it while it’s wet for 2 minutes to kill 99% of its germs. You may also opt to run it in a dishwasher.

5. Quick-Dry Wet Shoes & Gloves

Crumble a sheet of newspaper for a super quick dryer. No newspaper? Use a sachet of plain uncooked rice!

6. Grease Stain

Worry not about destroying your clothes with grease. Just cover the stains with a white chalk. Wait a few minutes and then wipe it away with a damp cloth. Voila!

7. Microfiber Couch

Dapper up your couch by using a spray bottle to cover it with a rubbing alcohol.  Then, use a clean white sponge to rub it and fluff the fibers with a hard bristle brush. And you’re finished.

8. Overnight Oven Cleaner

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Place a bowl filled with 1/2 cup of ammonia into the oven and leave it overnight. Next, wipe it clean the next day.

9. Dryer Sheet Cleaners

Make used of dryer sheets to clean anything like TV & shelves. Also, the anti-cling effect will stick around and revoke dirt in the future. Simply amazing, isn’t it?

10. Carpet Stain Lifter

Make a mixture of water and vinegar and spray it on the stain of your carpet. Lay a damp rag over the top, and then lastly, iron it.

There you have it, we hope these newly acquired “skills” help you deal on that dirty house. 

Lovingly written by Joy

5 Practical Tips to Declutter Your Home

It is not just about having enough time to clean. Interior experts say that one of the reasons why households remain cluttered is because of the lack of organization and firm decisions. This is especially true for sentimental people who always find one reason or another no hold on to old stuff. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but these are the sort of items that usually stay in disorganized piles or in the back of your closet.

Leading property portal Lamudi suggests five ways to declutter your home, freeing up space in your house to make your living more comfortable, and your environment more breathable.


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Get four boxes and label them the following: Put Away, Give Away/Sell, Storage, and Trash. This is the easiest way to organize your things, especially for those who need a little push in decision-making. Put Away are the stuff you need on a regular basis. Give Away/Sell are items you no longer need, but are still in good condition, and can be used by someone else. You can donate to charity or hold a garage sale. Storage are items that you still need, but only seasonal or infrequently. Trash items are typically damaged, broken, or overused. Take note of the quantity of each box. Your Put Away and Storage boxes must not be so much more than your Give Away/Sell and Trash. Ideally, these two are the smallest of your pile. If not, maybe you need to reassess its contents and re-categorize. (This article suggests other Boxing Methods)


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Organizing a closet is one of the biggest headaches experienced by women. You can’t find your favorite pair of jeans, you have socks in your underwear drawer, you are not sure which shirt you already wore last week! Public icon, Oprah Winfrey proposes this solution:  Hang all your clothes with hangers facing backwards. When your return them to your closet after use, turn the hanger around so that it is facing the correct direction. Doing this for five to six months will give you a clearer picture of what clothes you wear often, and what clothes you don’t wear at all. Not to mention, it saves you a lot of folder time.

3.       IN-AND-OUT

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Drawers and cabinets are the easiest prey of clutter. Old useless pens, receipts from transactions over a year ago, piles of post-its, stray staple wires… the list is endless in these pull-out treasure coves. There are two things you can do to declutter.The first is throwing one item out for every one item you put in. The second is to take everyone out of your drawer, and to put them back inside one piece at a time. This is also a way for you to sort out which items to keep, and which ones to discard.


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The kitchen is one of the most intimidating places to declutter.The simplest solution is to make use of empty lidded jars, and using them as containers for your spices, sugar, salt, flour, etc. to store in your kitchen drawer or cupboard. This is not only a form of recycling, but these clear containers make it easy for you to find what you need.


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Easier said than done, right? It starts with a simple visualization of what you want your home to look like. (The power of visualization is worth more than you think.) Having this vision constantly in mind will help you develop and maintain good habits that will help you deal with clutter and organize your household on a daily basis. Imagining all your shoes organized in a shoe rack? Then don’t leave your shoes lying around. As soon as you take them off, put them back where they belong. Thinking of having your own little reading nook? Then put all your books, magazines, and other reading materials in one area.

Also, be a smart shopper. This may be the true source of your cluttering problems. Only buy what you really need. Don’t pile up on toilet paper when you have more than enough, and especially if you have no space to store them all. Don’t buy 3 bottles of shampoo in one go, when you just need one. The less stuff you bring home, the less clutter you will have to deal with.

Lovingly written by Joy

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