Easy Puppy Proofing Tips to Use in Your Home

When you’ve got a new puppy to bring home, you might find yourself at lost on how you can puppy proof your home and ensure your new pup’s safety. It is basically like bringing a new baby home, what can harm your baby will surely harm your puppy too. Here’s a few tips to help you start up your puppy proofing project at home.

Start with clearing and keeping your household cleaning products including those toxic substances away from your puppy’s reach. Like toddlers, puppies tend to be curious and they want to try, feel and taste anything. Tall cabinets or top shelves are ideal places for keeping toxic items such as insecticides, detergents, rat poison and other cleaning products.

Watch out for electrical cords and other choking hazards – keep them out of your chewers, if you can’t raise them, get a rug that you can place over these electrical wires and chords. Also beware of indoor plants. Some plants can be harmful to animals when ingested so find out which should be removed and which stays.

Choose your puppy toys wisely. There are sponge and rubber toys which may be easily chewed out and swallowed. Don’t give them old clothing or shoes to play on as this will only develop bad chewing habits in your pup. It is recommended to buy edible chew bones to keep them busy and not to chew on your home furniture. 

Don’t get too excited having a new puppy around and overlook every hazards in your home. Take note of items which can cause illness or injury. Do not also forget to bring your puppy to a licensed veterinarian or animal clinic for its needed vaccines and immunization.  

Moreover, start training your new dog while young. Enjoy the happy times together with your new pet.

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Easy Ways to Maintain and Care for your Carpet

The carpet is like the middle of the ocean. It may look clean and beautiful on the surface, but deep down lies a village of mysterious creatures named dirt and grime. And when food and drink stains hit the surface? You might as well play the Jaws instrumental while you try to furiously clean and scrub. But over-the-top analogies aside, maintaining and caring for your carpet isn’t a sink or swim situation after all. With most problems, come a series of pretty smart solutions. But what are they? Read on and find out!

image credit: kropekk_pl - pixabay.com

Preventing Dirty Dramas

Averting a potential cleaning dilemma before it occurs will not only save you time, but money. As they say, prevention is the most effective cleaning method. But how can you prevent this? With a dependable vacuum cleaner! While vacuuming, concentrate your time on areas that are close to entryways, outdoor areas and different corners of the room. These regions have high tendencies of accumulating dust, hair and other unwanted bacteria.

Steam Cleaning while Spring Cleaning

When Spring Cleaning season hits your household, add steam cleaning to the list. This method is a useful way to get your carpet back to its original state as well as remove unwanted soil and water. Nevertheless, before you do this, ensure that the carpet you’re dealing with allows for steam cleaning. This is because the contact between the fibres and machine can cause damage to the floor. Top Tip: Try and steam clean during hotter time periods as carpet bugs often migrate under your carpet!

How to Treat Carpet Stains

Stains are probably one of the most unexpected dilemmas to resolve; and quickly. But to prevent dirt and grime stains from occurring,have a No Shoes policy in your home. What about other stains? Food and beverage stains are infamous culprits when it comes to carpet stains, however there are useful and economical ways of dealing with them. This is where the water and vinegar solution comes in! Putting both liquids into a spray bottle, sprinkle the spilled area with the solution and leave for 10-15 minutes. Using a soft sponge, rub the surface and rinse with warm water. After this, place a layer of paper towels on top of the stain to finish. For more tips and information on how to clean different carpet stains, visit Stainmaster.

Key Maintenance Tips

People often think that using an excess amount of detergents and shampoos for their carpet cleaning, is an effective way of maintenance and retaining fibres. However, too much use can cause residue to remain and even harm your rug’s exterior. It’s also recommended that you don’t mix these carpet detergents with too much water. As the solutions are already chemically active, over-liquefying can result in carpet shrinkage and retention issues. If you’re having difficulties of cleaning or have queries on which products to use, be sure to call your local carpet professional.

Are you feeling a lot more confident when it comes to knowing how to maintain and care for your carpet? If you have your own secrets when it comes to this, feel free to post your tips in the provided comments section.

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Must-have Furniture Pieces for your Bedroom

The part of the house where we retreat to get relaxation and enough needed rest at the end of the day is the bedroom.  A clean, clutter-free and fully equipped sleeping quarter eases and enhances physical and mental health as well. Investing in quality furniture pieces will not only make your sanctuary look fabulous and functional but it can also have a positive effect on your general health. A well rested body and mind can carry out day to day tasks properly.

 Photo credits: http://flic.kr/p/fh3YsY

It is important to select the right bedroom furniture that suits your individual needs and style.
The following are suggested essential furniture pieces for your bedroom.

A comfortable bed

The bed is the main bedroom furniture that needs more focus and attention. The bed frame must be sturdy to last for years. The size also matters; a queen size is good enough for a couple. A good and comfortable memory foam mattress will help you get a comfortable and rejuvenating slumber. Choosing the right bed and enhancing it with beautiful bed sheets and pillows is the key to making your bedroom look fantastic.

Bedside table

A bedside table holds various purposes. It is where you can keep your nightly essentials like eyeglasses, alarm clock, books and cell phones.  It is also where you can place your bottled water and medicines within reach, thus will help you lessen getting out of the bed more often as things you need are just all next to you.

The dresser

To create a classy look, a dresser is an additional furniture that can add beauty to a bedroom. Most dressers come with mirrors, drawers and side panels where you can place your beauty essentials like powder, perfumes, hair brush, makeup and more.

The armoire or the wardrobe cabinet

If your bedroom has no built-in cabinets an armoire becomes handy and a must-have item. Opt for corner armoires to keep your room neat and orderly. Clothes, extra bed sheets, comforters and other stuffs can be stored in this moveable wardrobe cabinet. They also come in different designs that would match your needs and bedroom design.

A couch

A couch does not only add fashion and accent to a bedroom, it is a comfortable chair to sit on while you read on a good book or watch a good movie before going to bed.

If you are having a hard time finding the right mix and match of furniture pieces for your bedroom. You may ask Furniture stores about bedroom furniture sets that they offer. You may can select on various furniture items sold as a set, thus it will save you time too for acquiring the items you need in one shopping trip.

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Kit your student accommodation out with fun bean bags

For a lot of students the chance to let off some steam and play as hard as they work is too good to resist. Students may be typecast as party animals, but their studies are a serious investment for their future lives and careers.

Whether at their first-year accommodation – catered, self-catered, or otherwise – or in their own rented property students need to stamp their own identity on where they’re currently living to feel at home, work effectively, and host their friends.

Student accommodation isn’t cheap, and for the majority of students it’s a cost that they constantly have to keep their eye on to get the most out of not just their studies, but their freedom as a student, too.

Furniture can be pricey, especially if the landlord in question expects their student tenants to invest in their own furnishings. Luckily there’s an affordable and creative solution that students from all backgrounds can take advantage of – beanbags.

image from greatbeanbags.com

Beanbags don’t come in one single design. There are thousands of beanbags available in a huge range of colours, materials, shapes, sizes, and more. There’s a beanbag for everybody, for the student that wants one as a simple chair to the student that wants a large one to slump in to revise.

Students love beanbags because of their affordability, versatility, and practicality. There’s a beanbag suitable for any and every occasion, and can make a brilliant alternative to expensive sofas and chairs.

A comfortable beanbag is a great way for students to do creative work on. Away from their usual work environment at their university students can relax on a beanbag to do coursework, revise, work on creative projects, and much more.

For students living in shared accommodation a number of beanbags can create a wonderful social environment for everybody to relax in and interact with each other. Instead of sitting around tables in a formal manner the informality of beanbags allows everyone to socialise in comfort.

That goes for students that regularly host parties, too. Beanbags are a fantastic talking point and a brilliant way for students to socialise with each other. They’re also good for students that throw rowdier parties – landlords won’t be happy if their chairs get full of wine stains and broken…

Having a beanbag is also a good long-term investment for students and parents alike. Beanbags are incredibly practical pieces of kit. A student with a beanbag can take it with them with ease if they have to regularly move premises or travel, and parents get to keep their chairs at home!

The sheer range of options that beanbags provide means that all students will find them useful, no matter where they’re living or what subject they’re studying. Flexible, practical, attractive, and cost-effective the right beanbag can make a really positive impact in students’ lives.

To find out more about beanbags and how to create a comfortable student property with affordable beanbags that create a wonderful creative atmosphere visit Great Bean Bags.

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