Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The Rubbish Removal Blight Caused By Tipped Plastic Bottles

Recycling Water Bottles

Tipped plastic bottles are an environmental nightmare and create a major rubbish removal blight across the landscape. Plastic debris kills more than one hundred million marine mammals every year and more than half of all oceanic plastic is plastic bottles. Keep in mind too that recyclable plastic bottles are made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET). This petroleum material does not biodegrade. Instead, it breaks down into tiny nano sized plastic particles that absorb toxins and then get incorporated into our soils and water. So, when these PET bottles are not returned for recycling, they can cause a variety of health problems for both people and wildlife.

In many countries, deposit return schemes are being used to entice people to actually recycle their plastic bottles rather than tossing them in the rubbish removal bins. These are essentially a refundable "bottle tax" or "bottle deposit" where the consumer is charged a certain amount extra for just the plastic bottle when they buy a product contained in a plastic bottle. Then, the consumer gets the bottle deposit back if they return the bottle and they lose the deposit if they don't. Countries who are doing these deposit schemes have reverse vending machines available at supermarkets and other convenient locations so that consumers can put their plastic bottles into the machine and out pops a voucher for the deposit.

There is very good visual evidence that these deposit return schemes truly work just by comparing the plastic bottle blight situation where they are used and not used. No place is this more true than Australia. In this country, different states have adopted different laws about deposit return schemes and this really reveals itself visually as you travel around the country. For example, in the state of South Australia, they have had deposit return schemes for about forty years, the longest in the country. On the other hand, in the neighboring state of Victoria, they have yet to implement a deposit return scheme on plastic bottles.

In an interview with The Guardian, Nina Meredith Springle, a member of the Legislative Council in Victoria, stated, "You can see garbage as soon as you cross the border... In Victoria there’s a marked increase in the amount of plastic pollution that you see with the naked eye.” She was referring to traveling from South Australia to Victoria.

So, the visual difference in plastic bottle blight is so stark, you don't need a scientific study or statistics to understand that the deposit return scheme in the state of South Australia is affecting in a big way the low levels of plastic bottle pollution they see in that state versus what one sees in the state of Victoria. Luckily, there are several other Australian states now planning a deposit return scheme in the near future and these will be coordinated across the entire country. Hopefully, the UK will join the Australians in implementing a deposit return scheme that will deter people from littering and throwing their plastic bottles in the rubbish removal bin!

The stark difference in plastic bottle blight between the two states of South Australia and Victoria is reminiscent of a joke they tell in the state of Louisiana in the United States. On a road trip, you can be sleeping in the back seat of a car coming back from the state of Texas. As soon as you cross the border, the road suddenly turns decidedly more bumpy (for lack of funds to repair and maintain the roads) and you'll be instantly jarred awake. You'll know you're home by the sudden appearance of all the pot holes just like the Victorians known they're back from South Australia when they see the plastic bottle blight.

How much do deposit return schemes help in keeping the plastic bottle blight off the landscape and keeping these plastic bottles out of the rubbish removal bins where they'll most likely end up in the landfill? Besides it being visually obvious, the numbers speak loud and clear too! Sweden introduced a deposit return scheme in 1994 for plastic bottles and they now have between an eighty to ninety percent recovery rate! Norway introduced a deposit return scheme in 1999 and they now have between a seventy-five and ninety percent recovery rate. Germany introduced a deposit return scheme in 2003 and they have near a ninety-nine recovery rate!

You may be asking yourself how Germany has an even higher return rate for plastic bottles than the Scandinavian countries like Norway and Sweden. Part of the answer may be due to the fact that the German society has gone crazy for recycling and there is very high social pressure to be a good citizen and recycle everything you can. However, the answer may be more basic than that. They also charge more for their plastic bottle deposits than other countries which gives their citizens more of a monetary incentive to return their plastic bottles. Currently, they charge about twenty-five percent more than the deposits charged in the Scandinavian Countries. This may be a good lesson the UK can use when determining how much to charge for their rubbish removal deposit return scheme!

Clearabee, the popular rubbish removal service in the UK, has been pushing for the UK to reach the recycle rate for plastic bottles and other rubbish that other European countries have already achieved. Unfortunately, the local councils have not reached those levels yet but we can only keep encouraging them to do so with the leadership of Clearabee and other ecofriendly businesses and organizations. We don't want an obvious sudden blight on the landscape as soon as a traveler crosses into England from other European countries!

Image source: https://flic.kr/p/8E3pv3

Thursday, January 18, 2018

4 Biggest Myths about Weight Loss You Must Know About

weight loss

When you start researching the various weight loss methods, you will come across many misconceptions that might give you a wrong idea about losing weight. And as a newbie, it is essential that you filter out such wrong information so that you get to your weight loss goal faster. And below, we bust four myths that are associated with weight loss.

Moderate VS High-Intensity Exercise
A popular myth regarding workout is that doing moderate exercise will help you burn more fat and lose weight faster than high-intensity exercises. This is only partly true. Moderate exercises do burn more fat, it does not mean that it will burn more calories. While the calorie burn will depend on the duration of the workout, it is the ‘after-burn’ post the exercise where the difference between the two approaches lies. When you do a moderate exercise, you will not burn too many calories after finishing your workout. In contrast, a high-intensity exercise will result in a more intense after-burn, which will mostly be driven by your body fat. As such, a high-intensity exercise may be the most optimal solution for you if you are looking to burn fat faster.  

There are many myths regarding cardio exercises. One says that it is better to do cardio on an empty stomach in order to cut down your body fat faster. This is not entirely true. While you might get a slight benefit from doing cardio while fasting, the benefit is too little to even consider as helpful. As such, it is recommended that you don’t stress yourself too much trying to go hungry in order to do cardio.

The 6 PM Food Limit
Another prevalent myth insists that you must consume most of your daily food intake by 6 PM and that eating too much at night will result in weight gain. This also is a pure myth. In fact, a study found the exact opposite to be true – that eating at night helps in weight loss. This has been associated with the fact that the higher levels of growth hormones during night time sleep essentially burns down most of the fat in the body and helps in building muscle.  It was also noted that people who packed on carbs at dinner had better satiety the best day.

Eating Fats
Unfortunately, fats have gotten a bad rep in the past years that many people try to reduce fats from their food as much as possible. This is not a good way to look at things. Your body does need a decent amount of fats in order to function optimally. Choosing to never consume any foods with fats can actually lead to health complications. So, do take in the daily requirement of good fats. Just make sure that you stay within the limit and never consume excess fats.  

So, if you come across any of the above myths when researching about weight loss programs, just overlook them. And in case you find any friend subscribing to such beliefs, educate them to the truth and they will have an easier time trying to reduce weight.   

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

3 Reasons that renting an office space in California is a good business move

One of the main factors that affect a business or a company’s productivity is the working environment of their employees. If the employees are working in a proper and professional environment, productivity and efficiency will surely soar and produce positive results for the company. That is why multinational and other successful companies always ensure that their employees are working in environments that will promote productivity and efficiency. In fact, deciding on the office spaces and locations are one of the most important topics during strategic meetings of the companies’ management team. However, most managers and company strategists usually have a hard time choosing between renting an office space and buying or building an office space. If you are also having a hard time on choosing whether to rent an office space or build one for your employees, then these 3 reasons below will surely convince you to rent an office in California instead of building your own office.

1. Savings on your expenses

One of the best advantages that renting an office space can give you is the savings that you will earn. Obviously, renting an office space is way cheaper compared to buying a space in a building or building one from scratch. Plus, unless you and your employees don’t deliberately damage equipment and appliances on the office spaces, then you won’t be charged for maintenance and replacements costs. The only expense that you will be concerned with is the rent expense along with electric and water bills, which is of course still included even if you build or buy an office space. You can then use the savings that you will earn in the other endeavors that will promote your business like more intensive advertising campaigns and market research and expansions.

2. Flexibility

Another advantageous benefit of renting an office is the flexibility on your choices. Since there are so many offices for rent around the city, you can always freely choose and find the best office that can accommodate and provide the best working environment for your employees. Rather than having a hard time on thinking how to maximize the limited space on a bought or built office space, you can easily rent an office space that will not just give your employees the proper space, but also have space for recreations, breaks, and rest for your employees.

3. Easier Expansion

Every business owner wants their company to succeed and hopefully get bigger, hire more employees, cater more clients, buy more equipment and create more departments. The expansion will always be a goal for every company, and with expansion, a need for a bigger office space also arises. And if you get held up by an office space that you have bought, it will most likely have an effect or even hinder your expansion plans. Selling or looking for another tenant for your office space will not be an easy task, time and effort will be needed. On the other hand, with a rented office space, you can easily move your office and operations to another bigger location after just talking with the owner. Pay the remaining rent and other related fees, and then you’ll be set and ready for your company expansion.

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

What Should I Do To Keep My Business Going And Growing?

business growth

Stagnation is frustrating in any area of life, and this includes the world of business. As such, corporate leaders who want to avoid the irritations and inconveniences of stagnation need to develop a viable strategic plan that will increase the likelihood of perpetual growth. Below you'll find several strategies you can use to keep your organization going and growing:

1. Develop A Marketing Strategy. 

One of the best ways to keep your business in full bloom is developing a marketing strategy. This technique is imperative because it will empower you to advertise your brand in an innovative, customized manner which helps you optimize your conversion rates while also making product loyalty more likely. With respect to the traditional marketing sector, one strategy you might consider utilizing is print advertising.

In addition to utilizing traditional modes of marketing like print advertising, be sure to showcase your brand in the digital realm. Doing so will ensure that you can interface with individuals who haven't come across your company in the offline world. One digital advertising strategy that many business owners find helpful is web design and development. Web optimization is important because it ensures that your online consumers will have a relatively smooth, seamless shopping experience. For example, the use of responsive web design services will help ensure that people who use mobile devices experience no complications when accessing your product pages. Some of the other digital advertising strategies you might want to make use of include:

• social media optimization
• content marketing
• search engine optimization
• email marketing
• online reputation management

2. Find The Right Restoration Company. 

Another business-building strategy you can deploy to keep your organization in full bloom is finding the right restoration company. This technique is important because it will help decrease your susceptibility to experiencing permanent or costly property damage in the event of a flood, fire, or other type of natural disaster. When you start looking for the right disaster restoration companies, make sure that you seek out a company whose professionals have extensive industry experience. Also try to locate a team of representatives who can offer comprehensive services.

3. Help Your Employees Grow. 

Facilitating employee growth is a wonderful way to ensure that your company remains on the road to perpetual expansion. This technique works by providing your staff members with the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure that they can complete their daily tasks with excellence and expedience. By employing an unequivocally competent, confident team, you'll likely find that you experience wonderful business-building outcomes like increased sales.

Note that there are hundreds and hundreds of strategies you can deploy to optimize and expedite the employee growth process. One is providing them with diversity training. Diversity training is beneficial because it can diffuse office tensions that might surface in light of the fact that individuals from disparate sociopolitical, economic, and geographic locations are continually interfacing. By teaching them how to cultivate positive, productive relationships with people from other backgrounds, you'll also empower them to interact more effectively with clients whose cultures they are not familiar with.


Once you realize that you're no longer willing to tolerate stagnation at your business, it's time to begin implementing strategies that will facilitate growth. You can use some or all of the techniques listed above to keep your organization on track to substantive, ongoing expansion!