Friday, March 30, 2012

The Perfect Floral Anniversary Gifts

An anniversary is a celebration of two peoples’ love and commitment to each other, and should therefore be treated as the reverent occasion it surely is. 
Maybe you want to re-create a smaller version of the flowers from your wedding? With a complete array of all seasonal flowers in stack at all times, composing a bouquet by doing it yourself or have it done by a flower arranger from a flower shop will remind you of that most special of all days.

Or perhaps you have a special evening planned, and would like the finishing touch to be a gift of flowers that match the new dress? With florists working the length and breadth of the country, they can bring in blooms from anywhere to complete your perfect posy in just the right shades and colours. What could be amore impressive start to a special night out than to present your wife with a beautiful arrangement the exact colour of the new outfit she undoubtedly spent hours choosing? And it won’t even take you nearly that long! Most flower shops deliver to anywhere in the country, so with a few clicks you can have your gift arrive on the day, without ever leaving the house!

Or, maybe you are planning a party with family and friends? In that case, a wonderful flower display that can be used as a centrepiece for the table would surely go down a treat. Lots of different arrangements are available to choose from which come in their own glass or ceramic vases, carefully chosen to best complement the bouquet and then yours to keep forever, as a reminder of the gorgeous floral gift. And you can always add sparkling wine, chocolates or even champagne to your flower order, for that little extra that goes a long way.

Or perhaps you are planning a quiet night in? Elegant orchids in tall clear glass vases are best recommended that will add a touch of class to any home, and really catch the eye.

In whatever way you decide to celebrate your anniversary, adding a perfect floral gift will surely make your celebration more wonderful.


  1. i usually send flowers (online) to my mom on Mother's day but i always send roses, maybe this year i'll try other flowers and arrangements...

  2. definitely the best gift to receive during anniv. wish that my hubby will send one soon

  3. Hmm when will I ever receive flowers again? missed ko na yan :D

  4. Im not the romantic type of guy who send out flowers and chocolates. The usual things i gave to my wife are jewelries. This one seems to be interesting, I might try it out some time ;D

    Thanks miss Joy

  5. Am a huge fan of giving gift baskets for presents ... I love your idea of including flowers from the wedding  - personalization is key!

  6. Things are getting very convenient these days. This online system greatly speeds up gift giving and other forms of transactions.

  7. someday i'll surprise a loved one and send flowers using this online system. thanks for sharing!